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I am just wondering if Traits will ever be a thing and what role they will play. I notice "Calculating" "Generous" but I would love to see these traits have some meaning behind them. For example, if your character has the trait "Ambitious" they will have a buff in generating influence. Whereas a trait "Frugal" would be spending less money on upkeep. These traits would enhance over time as you make decisions that affect your character such as not spending money to upgrade your troops over a period of time. Or for Ambitious can be by working towards your charm and taking new settlements. I just think this will be a great way for you to develop your character and to make decisions more carefully. I know this game has a lot to update and change, I just thought I would throw this out there in case some of the big guys at Taleworlds stumble upon this. I love this game, and even with bugs, it is still one of my top favorite games. What are everyone's thoughts on this?
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