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Perisno 1.4.4 (Release Date: 4-16-2022)

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Changlogs for v1.4+

Version 1.4
Version 1.4.1
Version 1.4.2
Version 1.4.3
Version 1.4.4

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I guess I can post some feedback here on the current version? Then here are some things which I'd like to point out:

- Illica Falki Questline - the Drachen Army did not spawn for me, at least I've searched around the area of Voldeberg and Drachen quite a bit and still haven't found it. I took the quest when the town was under Drachen control still if that makes any difference.

- The Dueler Questline - when I went to receive the final reward, I could repeat the dialogue and farm exp (2000xp reward) indefinitely. I did this a few times to test and it is an easy way to cheat. The person disappears after exiting the tavern though. Correct me if I'm wrong on this one because I can't rely on my memory 100%, although I remember the reward was 2000 exp from completing the dialogue.

- Third Legion Questline - after they have returned to their capital, and set up their own kingdom, they have +3000 soldiers in the town, but this amount dwindles away to +1000 quite quickly (same with Zann towns really), being an easy target to a steamrolling kingdom. Maybe something can be done to maintain a high garrison number, and protect this particularly weak kingdom, in the likely late-game scenario.

- Sidherton Geldar Questline - so in this quest, maybe I'm a total noob, but he only has 'exhaustive' dialogue lines for some reason, now that I went to see him later as a king. It seems as though I'm not able to complete his questline, even though I have not started it. I joined the Elintoran kingdom early on so maybe that had something to do with it. I could not take the quest when I was a vassal for their kingdom, and when the town was controlled by Zann also, although this could be an interesting alternative for completing the quest, reclaiming the town from the Zann Dynasty for the Elintoran/Geldar Elves.

- Remus Questline - I have spoken more than 100 times with different travelers, but unfortunately I have not been able to progress with the quest. Any help? I have completed all the necessary steps until now.

- Could you add a feature, so that you can choose your religion when you start a new game and have it adopted as your kingdom's religion when you start your own kingdom?

- Also considering all the CTDs and the like, have you thought about making a basic version of the game, where there is a lesser number of items, etc. to eliminate factors that are likely to cause CTDs? Maybe I'm asking too much, but such a version could i.e. contain existing minor factions in the place of the dwarves and the giants, for example, if this kind of resolution solves anything.

- Concerning the Galwe Royal Engineer - have you considered making a questline to access his troops, instead of having to be stuck with the Tolranian culture when the faction has already been obliterated?

- Forde - rescue prisoner bug? - not sure if this is just my issue, but when the Elitoran and Maccavia were at war, I went there to attempt to rescue the Maccavian prisoners, without having any conflicts with either kingdom, besides having negative relations with the King. I tried to rescue the Maccavian Queen & King from the prison, but both times they turned hostile against me and the guards as well. Also when initiating the prison break, after pressing the option with the guard, the Elintoran guards started attacking the civilians on sight and killed them.

Some feedback on the code:

- The basic Diplomacy mod has a built-in framework, as I understood from reading others' feedback as well, to make it slightly harder to form pacts with kingdoms whose fiefs your kingdom has. This could be perhaps changed to only regard the center as part of their kingdom, or could this alter how they act towards other kingdoms when it comes to maintaining their kingdom's internal territory?

- Again with the Diplomacy mod - could you make it available so that you can give a fief to a defeated kingdom, in order to restore them back from the 'defeated' status perhaps? It would be interesting to see this kind of feature so that you can have some allies due to the handicaps of the Diplomacy mod itself. Maybe this is difficult due to the code, but worth testing maybe :smile:

Apologies about the stream of complaining, overall everything was wonderful, once I figured out a way to reduce the rate of CTDs, but not having solved the issue completely though (have to experiment more, tried most available methods). Previously the rate of CTDs was about once in everyone 15-20 minutes, now I can manage for over an hour (victory sound intensifies).

BTW I know some of these belong to the Bug reports thread (+discussion& suggestings) but just wanted to ask here since I may have some problem on my end which is causing the irregularities. I can move the message there if you feel it is more convenient.
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Version 1.2 is now live!
Merry Christmas.

All links should be live. (See OP)

  • [Added] Constable can now batch sell prisoners.
    [*][Added] Constable can now recruit Freelancer troops.
    [*][Added] You can now recruit deserters into your party.
    [*][Added] Your Household Guards now appear in fiefs you own.
    [*][Added] You can now ignore requests from your Marshal to fulfill their tasks.
    [*][Added] You can now choose to ignore alerts on raids against allied villages.
    [*][Added] When checking enterprises with the Guild Master, you can now see the profit ahead of time.
    [*][Added] Mercenary Guild upgrade for towns. You will now be able to recruit a band of mercenaries into your party after receiving this upgrade, which refreshes alongside Nobles.
    [*][Added] Guard Post upgrade to Villages. Villagers are now accompanied by a small mercenary party, who also assist you in defending your village against infestations and raids.
    [*][Added] You can now collect all of your assets and treasury by speaking to your Chamberlain!
    [*][Corrected] Lore oddities
    [*][Corrected] Dialogues that say “denars” should be aurums now.
    [*][Corrected] Warmonger gear was too common. They are now rare!
    [*][Corrected] Removed some extra items from Eriallen Krysanna’s Inventory.
    [*][Fixed] You can now marry Liana
    [*][Fixed] Liana’s Warhorse now has its real stats.
    [*][Fixed] Fixed Mosoru relations with Player & Player Faction
    [*][Fixed] NavMesh for Arendal, Forniron, Freising, Leuven, Macan, Murdenholl, Qaletaqa, Sut, Tumatarhun, Uliastai, Vinica, Voldeberg, Aolas Castle, Azure Keep, Laidur Castle
    [*][Fixed] Freelancer Outpost Carpet
    [*][Fixed] Fountain Hall Alley (You can now beat up those peasants.)
    [*][Fixed] Najib now has a fief
    [*][Rebalancing] Liana’s Dread Knight now has its actual stats.
    [*][Rebalancing] Buffed Liana’s HA Skills
    [*][Rebalancing] Buffed Krysanna’s Skills
    [*][Rebalancing] Cretasan Mounted Warden renamed to Keeper, now uses Darkened Mace, revised stats, removed horse.
    [*][Rebalancing] Ironclads now use Plate Piercer, given Long Awlpike, Cretasan Darts, and revised stats.
    [*][New for Realm of the Falcons] Added Falcon Academy, which allows the player to recruit Falcon troops into their party. The player must:
    1) Be a vassal for the Falcons
    2) Meet Renown requirements
    3) Be able to pay for the volunteers
    You CANNOT add new Academies, as the academy is strictly located in Fountain Hall. The Academy is only operative for as long as Realm of the Falcons owns Fountain Hall. Using their culture in your own kingdom does not allow you to use the academy
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I've said this years ago, but thank you Michadr and team for all your hard work. Native Warband is cool and all, but my hundreds of hours for Warband is due to this mod alone.


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Perisno v.1.2.1 Hotfix is now live! Other sites will be updated soon.

V1.2.1 Changelog:
  • [Fixed] Kesser has assets
  • [Fixed] Dymorial has assets
  • [Fixed] Crafted items are fixed
  • [Fixed] Riar Castle’s siege has been revised
  • [Fixed] Dwarves can now scale Elisnore’s ladder
  • [Fixed] Sectarian Scouts no longer reduce relations with Outlaws
  • [Fixed] Cretasan Keeper is now guaranteed to spawn with a shield
  • [Fixed] Galwe Grazir Worshipper quest now increases relations with Galwe as it should be


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Perisno V1.3 is now Live. Other Sites will be updated soon.

V1.3.0 Changelog: NOT SAVE COMPATIBLE​

  • [Added] New Religion
  • [Added] Lymbard Assets
  • [Added] Maccavian Assets
  • [Added] Sayeda Alexis has her own HHG
  • [Added] Intimidation dialogue for kidnapped girl
  • [Added] Nisaynian’s Legacy gets sharper over time
  • [Added] Azure Keep and Aolas Castle now sells basic goods
  • [Added] You can now change tax rates for all of your fiefs at once
  • [Added] Legendary Weapon - Axe of the Forbidden Sea, Weeping Moon
  • [Added] Mercenary Guilds now spawn mercenary parties that will patrol around the town
  • [Added] The player can now participate in caravan trading, speaking with the tavernkeep
  • [Added] Krysanna now has a short questline to reward the player for reaching max relations with her
  • [Added] Steal option for Jailer to skip the pre-fight when breaking people out of prison (requires agility)
  • [Added] You can now recruit minor factions into your party as long as you have enough relations with them (varies)
  • [Added] When asking a lord’s wife to buy gifts, you can now choose to buy enough relations to set yourself back to 0 relations
  • [Added] You can now mass release prisoners by manually speaking to them instead of releasing them one by one for relations boosts. This is only half as effective
  • [Fixed] Liana is no longer related to you
  • [Fixed] Scene oddities in Qaletaqa, Qaletaqa villages, Forniron, Krain, Forniron, Azure Keep, Hafen Castle, Ianthas Castle, Desert Outpost, Arish, Galwe Library, Hornogoth Keep, Tumatarhun
  • [Adjusted] Sieges are no longer indefinite
  • [Adjusted] You can sprint everywhere now!
  • [Adjusted] Kaiyrithe has a dedicated facegen
  • [Adjusted] Year has changed to 395 to fit the lore
  • [Adjusted] Krysanna’s HHG have more expensive upkeeps
  • [Adjusted] Nox Of Zephilli should now act according to lore
  • [Adjusted] Grazir Pilgrims can be upgraded into Worshippers
  • [Adjusted] Grazir Priests can no longer upgrade into Invokers
  • [Adjusted] Elintor, Geldar and Realm of the Falcon are now the proper race according to lore (Naphali)
  • [Adjusted] Krysanna and her Shadestalkers are now wearing new, identical outfits
  • [Adjusted] Speaking with minor factions that you are friendly with will change their dialogue to a more friendly one
  • [Adjusted] Krysanna and Kaiyrithe are now sisters in-game, with Berlaeduil being the caretaker of Kaiyrithe. This is to remain canon to their lore


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Version 1.3.1 released. Just download full file.

V1.3.1 (Hotfix)​

[Added] Some missing files
[Fixed] Female Lymbard Meshes
[Fixed] Female Maccavian Meshes
[Adjusted] Time of year is set to 395


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Version 1.3.2 Released.


  • [Added] Allowed running when hunting
    [*][Added] You can now craft Lymbard Armor in Crafting Menu
    [*][Added] Interactive persuasion dialogue for Fugitives and Lords
    [*][Added] Added the feature to refine weapons and armor at Gordga Hammerhead
    [*][Fixed] Added some missing texts
    [*][Fixed] Oddities in Troop ID’s
    [*][Fixed] Maccavian Spearman Armor
    [*][Fixed] Nox of Zephili scouts relations
    [*][Fixed] Maccavian Black Knight Boots
    [*][Fixed] Krysanna’s banner has returned
    [*][Fixed] Axe of the Forbidden Sea exploit
    [*][Fixed] Adventurer’s Guild works properly now
    [*][Fixed] Buying honor and renown works properly
    [*][Fixed] Ingvar’s Dwarven Armor appears properly
    [*][Fixed] Galwe Library no longer displays your banner
    [*][Fixed] Galwe Alchemists check your party size before you can recruit them
    [*][Fixed] Oddities in Maccan’s Keep, Forde’s Town, Fountain Temple, and the Sea Battles
    [*][Fixed] When freelancing, you can no longer “rest” in towns which ends up glitching, causing you pay money even after your commander has left the town
    [*][Adjusted] Removed “courage” dialogues in battles
    [*][Adjusted] Recruiters return after a week automatically
    [*][Adjusted] Annoying “skill check” removed from self-healing
    [*][Adjusted] Recruiters now recruit from the faction you chose properly
    [*][Adjusted] Maccavian Halberdiers keep their throwing axes from their Spearmen days
    [*][Adjusted] Axe of the Forbidden Sea and Weeping Moon now replenishes while hunting
    [*][Adjusted] Shadestalkers, Eton, Graianius, and Berana’s armor no longer appears in Ingvar’s list of armor


Really great work on the QOL changes and bugfixes. The game feels much more polished and immersive. Those little changes really make large difference to the overall feel and immersive quality.


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Version 1.3.3 Released​

V1.3.3 Changelog: COMPATIBLE WITH v1.3.2

  • [Added] Hafen Castle has a new Siege Layout
  • [Added] New Feature! You can now disable Battle Advantage in the Camp’s Game Options. This allows you to always have an even battle, regardless of how many troops you or they have!

  • [Fixed] Some minor map improvements
  • [Fixed] Lymbardian helmets appear in Ingvar’s helmets
  • [Fixed] Some strange interactions with your character’s wife
  • [Fixed] Can no longer escape deserters if they’re attacking you
  • [Fixed] Ladies should no longer appear in “Resolve Dispute” quests
  • [Fixed] Maccavian Swordmaster Armor no longer costs a few aurums

  • [Rebalancing] Mosoru, Klymorians, and Kuulans. (Requires a new save, not important)
  • [Rebalancing] Ingvarians can now be an “all cavalry” troop tree. While we made it possible, it is not recommended because they will NOT have good riding/horse archery skills. Your main Cavalry line will still fulfill this role the best (Requires a new save, not important)

  • [Adjusted] Lymbard armor rating has been increased
  • [Adjusted] You can no longer retreat when defending a garrison or during a salley. You can still interact with the border to retreat however.
  • [Adjusted] You can recruit Krysanna’s Temptresses from Kaiyrithe now, after completing her quest
  • [Adjusted] Geldarin and Cretasan Mercenaries return if you are using their culture and own the fief they reside in
  • [Adjusted] Cretasan armor rearrangement, including their troops not spawning with shields sometimes (Requires a new save, not important)
  • [Adjusted] Freelancer, Adventurer’s Guild, and Disable Ships are all enabled by default whenever you start a new game. If you wish for ships to reappear on the map, disable the toggle. Ships will eventually become a thing of the past.


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Version 1.3.3 Released​

V1.3.3 Changelog: COMPATIBLE WITH v1.3.2

  • [Adjusted] You can recruit Krysanna’s Temptresses from Kaiyrithe now, after completing her quest
Problem is that her quest never showed up for me, please can you tell us what the requirements are for said quest to activate?
I am at Per.7, she loves me, but nothing happened.
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