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Just started playing this game - Viking Conquest Reforged and I do enjoy it, but hot dam is it by far the most glitchy game I've ever played, No hyperbole. Anyways I have version 2.0, is this the latest? I have looked through forums and tried different "solved" problems which haven't worked for me, maybe 1 or 2 but mostly I can not find any fixes. 1. Stuttering when traveling the seas in consistent increments, like every second. Lag or hanging whenever transitioning into a town or castle, like clicking on "local trade" or "walk through town" etc. Then some non performance issues, such as my characters current intelligence level is 14, yet all of the books I come across are in red saying I dont have enough intelligence, such as "Alexander the Great" which requires I think Intelligence 7. It is red no matter what. This wasn't the case for the first 3 books I bought though? Those 3 work fine. But now all of them are red indicating not enough intel. - Occasional game crashes. Sometimes I will randomly just appear on the seabed when transitioning into a naval battle, forced to either let my troops fight it out alone or surrender. There is more nut if I could at least just get some of these fixed I'd be much more motivated to continue playing this game. - Specs aren't, or shouldn't be an issue, seeing as I play much higher requirement games without any of this wackiness.
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