Peloponnesian League (EU)


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Peloponnesian League​

We are the Peloponnesian League.​
I created this clan for the roleplaying mod Roma Oritur so players can play together instead of loose band of people fighting each other.
we are still recruiting for members who want to play the greek history


High Ranks​

King-the one who gives all the orders and rules the league (king)
Magistrate-the one who manages the league under the king (magistrate)
Military commander-the one who commands all the troops and soldiers (MilCom)
Marine commander-the one who commands all the ships and her sailors (MarCom)​

Middle Ranks​

Leader Hoplite- leader of 2-3 men (LHoplite)
Captain-commands a ship and her sailors (captain)
Overseer-commands the peasants and serf in the league in their work and delivery of goods (overseer)​

Lower Ranks​

Hoplite-main soldier of the army
Archer-the bowman of the army
sailor-the men who work the ships
serf-the men who produce goods for the league​

Current Members
King: King_Perseus_PL
Magistrate: Magistrate_archangle_PL​

Interested in joining ?​

if you want to join us please do so and add our leader (Elerdha) King_perseus_PL on steam and state your name and the​