Patch 1.7.3 will be great

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So it was a leek with the patch 1.7.3 and guys this one will be great so here are the big features

-10 new hobo armors for battania

-over 9999 biker helmets for battania

-Vlandia and Sturgia will be deleted from the game

-If you mention them Erdogan will personaly brake in your home to silence you

-battle royal

-no banners because it will make the woider audience not understand the game

-no color faction so it will be more easy for the woider audience to play

-secret combos in combat like in Ass Creed Larp Vikings

-The rest of the faction that will remain will have armors and weapons based on the great Battania kingdom of hobo armies provided by Ubisoft(you will need to pay extra 60$ or the game will not load the textures)

-automatic combat you just press a button and the game will play alone (this feature is more for the game journos)

-no more city projects and castle projects since the play test with the woider audience had a negative experience

-improve dialogue lines with the help of Marvel TM so the game will be funny just like the Marvel movies for the woider audience

I dont know guys but this leek look a lot like fun and I for one cant wait to play 1.7.3 with my fav and only playebel faction in the game the supreme Battania and the smaller factions...the battanians
I do enjoy leeks...



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I think it´s unrealistic that will get more than 3 changes that really affect the gameplay.

First 50 lines will be as always some mysterious crash fixes which I was never affected by. Second 30 lines the same with bug fixes. Then added like 2 armors and 4 new battle maps. Removed Pila from Legionary and gave them a bow without any arrows to make even more sense. And that´s it I guess.
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