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The idea of setting up pre-defined battle formations before an actual fight would be pretty interesting and help solve some issues currently in game.
When going to an actual fight, the order battle UI would load what the player pre-defined before, allowing the player to either make small modifications to that fight or just start immediately. And to go even further, the ability to set up several pre-defined formations for each different scenario, battle, siege, reinforcement, etc. Quality of life stuff

This would also help with some small issues, like in battles at the moment where the order battle UI doesn't pop-up (reinforcements for example) companions get put in random formations. Or even when you get a new companion or familiy member and they are automatically assigned to infantry and cavalry, respectively, even if their actual function in game isn't infantry or cavalry (talking about the info you get in the campaign when you put the mouse in your character). Both issues could be read from the pre-defined settings.
Yes, everything you said is correct but the current system is coded, done and inplace. They will not change it for the next 1.2 Console release. The current system is for console players .

Maybe in future TW devs will see the error of their ways and build a better system, as you said, pre-defined "BattleSets". You could have the "Greek battle" - Spearmen in the centre, flanked by HI, archers behind. You could have the "Skirmish Battle" - Archers / LC / javelineers in front, and well back HI and HC. etc etc etc So many options which the player would predefine before any battles.

Ah for sure, not expecting any of these changes for the next patch. But it would be good to have this implemented eventually.
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