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I have this problem since 3/11/2020, i bought this game on release day and it was working perfectly (no lags,constant fps all on ultra settings) until 20 days ago...
and in the past 20 days i did everything to make this game work without any sucess from Uninstalling/Installing the Game and the BattlEye , verifying game files on steam, installing any missing required dependencies., turned off windows defender, added priority to Bannerlord and even did a factory reset to my windows, nothing worked, Bannerlord is the only game right now that i'm not able to play.
I thought it was a problem with the anticheat since there's always a message that pops up when i try to play Bannerlord but i can play ARMA 3 and Rising Storm Vietnam (Both games use Battleye anticheat) without any problem
I have seen another player saying he was getting a not logged in message but he was in fact banned for a day so i wonder if i also have the same issue. (no ban message so far)

My specs are :Windows 10 (x64) i9-9900KS / 32 GB RAM / 1TB SSD and RTX 2060 -8GB
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We believe that we fixed a reason for the "Couldn't Receive Login Results From Server" error message. Please let me know if you still experiencing this issue!
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