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    Unsolved Not loged in | Servers not showing

    I have this problem since 3/11/2020, i bought this game on release day and it was working perfectly (no lags,constant fps all on ultra settings) until 20 days ago... and in the past 20 days i did everything to make this game work without any sucess from Uninstalling/Installing the Game and the...

    Unsolved Not loged in / No Servers

    I have this problem since 3/11/2020, I bought this game on release day and it was working perfectly (no lags,constant fps all on ultra settings) until 20 days ago... and in the past 20 days i did everything to make this game work without any sucess from Uninstalling/Installing the Game and the...
  3. Roberto_Italiano

    In Progress Horse lagging when bumping

    Hey, On a start I will say that I searched for a threads like this, found only from 2010 which remained unsolved. As in the subject, not always, but often horse lags when I try to bump and maneuver it. It is very annoying. I wanted to ask if anyone found a solution to it, or if devs would look...
  4. WTF is wrong with multiplayer lately? 30+ people searching but no games start

    This has happend the last 3 nights, it shows 30-50 people searching in queue but nobody gets into a game. Eventually when enough people give up and its around 15-20 searching we finally get a game.... almost 9 months of dev time and all they have done is make the game worse with every patch.
  5. YouMoMCallME

    Solved Can't go to Multiplayer m1.5.238478

    Can't go to Multiplayer m1.5.238478 BETA 1.5.1 Full Ultra Settings Steam Version Computer Specs: Win 10 gtx 1080 i7 9700k 16gb ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S SSD 500 GB
  6. In Progress Ram still works after seemingly being destroyed

    Summary: Playing siege mode this evening with about 100 people (50v50) and was able (along with two other players) to use a ram that appeared to be destroyed. Animation for swinging the ram was engaged and the gate was eventually destroyed, but the ram's health bar showed 0 and the characters...
  7. Lord Eastwood

    In Progress Map exploitation on Skala Landing

    Recently, today, on the siege testing for Skala Landing I found a route which can be used to get on top of buildings as well as going through walls.
  8. In Progress Cant play Multiplayer

    I have not been able to play multiplayer (siege) for a few weeks. I think... that it logs me off instantly when i log in... for a while the servers have been worse and worse on me, unbearable lag etc. Sometimes it helped me if i relogged. in the begning there was a lag of 1-10 sec from when i...
  9. Solved Banned from my own server?

    I've been playing with a couple friends on a dedicated server I usually host (on the same computer I play on), only recently when I try to join, I get a message that says "you have been banned from this server." There's no ban list in the server files, and I tried adding an empty text file. My...
  10. Mopsolini

    In Progress Broken combat system

    Was dueling at EUDuel Server and while practising feints , noticed that the pickaxe is going right through the tree. On attached video you can see how does it works. And I also noriced that a lot of players abusing that bug. Here is the link on the video - My proofs Specs: Intel Core i5-4670K...
  11. Mopsolini

    Solved Way to go beyond the playing area in MP

    At this video you can see how we ( me - Mops and a member of clan [GH] could get out of the playing area in MP. He could go even further, but fell. That wasn't easy , but if you menage to jump on the orange awning behind Invincible you will be able to get to the balcony and for example as archer...
  12. Unsolved can't log in to multiplayer

    Summary: I can't log into multiplayer, gives error message "can't destroy your old sesson" How to Reproduce:N/A Quest/Settlement Name (if related):N/A Media (Screenshots & Video):N/A Version:1.2.1 Computer Specs: OS:WIN 10 GPU: ROG GTX 1080ti CPU: Intel core i7 8700k RAM: 32 GB...
  13. Aescon

    [Skirmish Mode] Crash on Connection to Servers

    Screenshots that seems to occur when attempting to join multiplayer servers. NA East - 8:55pm - 4/29/2020 Basically what occurs here is both factions logos being whited out at the beginning of the warm-up phase with the timer stuck at 0-0. On either faction it shows that none of the other...
  14. In Progress Multiplayer Registry Worse Since Update 4/24 (Especially Projectiles)

    Ever since the Friday 4/24 patch the registry in multiplayer has been way worse than just a day prior. This is extremely noticeable with throwing weapons going right through enemies/horses which they never did before. I don't know if this is a patch issue or a server issue because whenever the...
  15. abezeus

    Multiplayer Giriş Başarız !!

    Multiplayera bağlanamıyorum 2 saat önce girebilirken şuan "Giriş Yap" tuşuna basınca "Giriş Başarız" diyor ve boş error sayfası veriyor !
  16. Unsolved Multiplayer wont load with the new update

    Error code is: Version mismatch, Server Version: e1.0.0 - your version e1.0.10 so the servers version needs changing even though there where no corrections to multiplayer in this update :)
  17. Nadata

    Solved Battering Ram Still usable after being destroyed

    Summary: Battering Ram shows broken model, with 0 health bar, but can still be used to ram the gate How to Reproduce: Destroy Battering Ram while it is at the gate. Media (Screenshots & Video): Version:e1.0.0-e1.0.7 (May not be exact, but I am pretty sure I have encountered this many times since...
  18. Particles, shader bug in multiplayer

    When I trying to play multiplayer, i have to set my shaders settings low in order to not get this weird black terrain. Also there are also coloured particles around players. popping almost randomly. Singleplayer is perfectly alright and beta was working fine. I have this issue from launch of...