multiplayer bug

  1. 【微软商店Windows版】无法联机,显示:禁止家庭共享

    问题概述: 16日于微软商店Microsoft Store/Xbox购买的骑马与砍杀2:霸主。 当点击Multiplayer-play进入游戏后,需要登录,点击登录,显示错误:禁止家庭共享 这是我自己购买的游戏,无论是购买帐号还是登录帐号都是同一个,微软帐号邮箱和我的本论坛帐号的邮箱一致。 证明 (截图/视频): 游戏版本号:v1.0.2.5741 电脑规格: 设备名称 Loong-Surface 处理器 Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  2. BL Impossible de rejoindre un serveur multijoueur

    Bonjour, Je n'arrive pas à jouer au multijoueur de Bannerlord et ce après énormément de recherches et de demande auprès de connaisseurs pour résoudre le problème. Dès que je rejoins le multijoueur je sélectionne un serveur et cela tourne en rond pendant 10sec avant de mettre un message...
  3. Most most pressing multiplayer issues.

    Just made this account because I am highly aggitated knowing Taleworlds released the game officially and since getting out of beta I can not log in to the multiplayer. From their long run of mishaps etc. this is just insulting!!!! I am seeing more and more thread pop up with this issue even from...
  4. Krisee

    In Progress Floating bug

    Summary: Someone 'falling' or whatever the animation is called and being able to use throwings, wield melee weapons and move at will. How to Reproduce: No idea Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: Irrelevant as it is not me doing this. And multiple people saw it...
  5. TR-8R

    In Progress Multiplayer item visual glitch.

    Summary: Glitching hand armor in MP. Mostly every single arm protection equipment glitches with body armor. Items such as fur rimmed leather gloves, buttoned leather bracers, guarded padded vambraces and many others, I guess, glitch with body armor too. Removing C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II...
  6. UsainVanRudisha

    Thanks for the OCE Battle mode server

    Hey Taleworlds, thanks so much for the OCE battle mode server, you have made our wishes come true! However there is a small issue: team damage is disabled. Team damage is actually a mechanic many in our community have been looking forwards to. Again, thanks so much for the server, and if you...
  7. TheBard ✂

    In Progress Town Outskirt gone in Clan Matches // Winter version of TO in rotation.

    Summary: Well, you can't select Town Outskirts in Clan Matches, however it is in the queue and you get the Winter version of the map. Pretty sure that the removal of one of five maps is not what you guys want to. How to Reproduce: Play Skirmish Queue or Clan Matches Scene Name (if related): Town...
  8. In Progress Switching team while choosing class.

    Summary: In battle mode, you dont spawn if you switch team while choosing class. How to Reproduce: After finishing the round, while the screen show you the classes to play, press ESC and and click ¨change team¨. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU...
  9. Mount and blade warband ps4 delay

    There is an in agency server delay where everyone gets delay on multilayer no matter the ping. This has been a problem for more than a month now. I know that the server has been reset before but I would ask for someone to reset the servers on PlayStation multilayer again. Just to see if it would...
  10. mertol2009

    Bannerlord Multiplayer Loot Problem,

    Merhabalar arkadaşlar, 1.7.1 güncellemesi sonrası MP maçları sonrası gelen loot aşırı şekilde azaldı, ancak bazı oyuncular eskiye nazaran bile AŞIRI fazla alabiliyorlar, problem ile ilgili screenshotları aşağıya bırakıyorum
  11. flashn00b

    Need More Info Cannot customize Oathsworn

    Summary: When selecting the Oathsworn in the Armory screen, the game will simply crash. How to Reproduce: Select Oathsworn in the Armory Screen Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 64 bit GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU Driver Version: 497.29 CPU...
  12. Xanno

    Resolved Got damaged even when i wasnt touched by enemys sword

    Summary: All in video. (start on 5 sec) I get this ghost damage every day. There was around half of meter betwen me and enemys sword. Repair your game How to Reproduce: playing this game in multiplayer Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 GPU: sapphire...
  13. Resolved OC Seige and TDM stuck on intermission screen, stuck on 0 seconds

    Summary: TDM and Seige OC servers stuck on 0 seconds when trying to join. How to Reproduce: Join OC servers
  14. captainmorgan

    Multiplayer Server Crashing

    Can we get some sort of official communication about the MP siege crashes? Siege servers crash nearly every other game now and means people leave en masse and don't come back. I regularly see a server with 120 people in it and it will crash a map later and mean there's 20 people in at until it...
  15. Need More Info I can not load into the match

    When I try to boot into absolutely any match. First, there is a download, and then it freezes and weighs, most likely, infinitely.
  16. Gsälzbär

    Resolved Stuttering /FPS Drops

    Summary: Since the last Patch i have randomly fps drops to 100 (normaly i have 180+) and the game is stuttering really hart so its looks like I have 30 fps or lower. I Tried to change Graphic settings and Resolution. I noticed on xauna that the Occlusion Rendering was really slow, Stones and...
  17. [OSOD] Imperator

    Need More Info Motion Blur making the game crash.

    Summary: The game crashes whenever I have motion blur whether it is BEFORE the game starts or DURING the game when I turn around. How to Reproduce: Put motion blur off and then your game crashes. *Tested it out literally 10 times* Scene Name (if related): Literally ANY map I have loaded into has...
  18. Cant see any MP servers

    Hi, i was seeking for solutions but couldn't find any that work. As in title, when I want to play multi player there aren't servers. Are all of them dead and closed?
  19. Shiroin

    In Progress Server crashing when finishing warmup stage on Baravenos Encirclement [Asia]

    Map: Baravenos Encirclement Occurred Time: around 4:00 PM Monday(GMT+3) Server: East Asian Siege, Custom Server Error: The game shows "Server not responding," and the game client runs well. Description: The server crashed when the warmup stage over on Baravenos Encirclement. Some Asian...
  20. sj_dj01

    Resolved Unable to access multiplayer

    Summary: I am unable to log into multiplayer. I go through the loading screen but right before logging into the places where I can choose a game, check my clan or see the different troops types, it shows the message “Log in Failed”. Before it completely wouldn't let me in, it would not let me...
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