Nordous' Youtube review of 1.6.0 patch changelog

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Sergeant Knight
Hello community,

I've made a video review in case you want to get familiar with all the new changes in 1.6.0 by now. More videos are coming about Beta 1.6.1 patch and future dev plans. Subscribe and let me know if you like my overview:

@:58 Secs whoa buddy, there have been plenty of crashes and bugs in stable versions historically. Hopefully 1.6 is okay.
You've got a good voice, good luck winning over the illiterate-bannerlord-crowd without flashing memes and softcore porn mixed in.
The DevBlog #8 is also a recap of changes in 1.5.10 and 1.6. Do you plan to compete with Callum with this "patch notes in ASMR form"? :smile:
Where are you going to get information about future dev plans? Hopefully you have a mole in Taleworlds and are not waiting for Callum's big reveal.


Sergeant Knight
Really liked the video man, such a breath of fresh air without loud music and out of place memes/jokes everywhere, just a calm voice and good information, nice work!

If i may make one suggestion though, the video is a bit long for this type (breakdown of news) which isn't bad at all but would benefit from timestamps for each subject in the description so people could jump straight to parts they find more interesting if they don't have the time to watch to hole thing right away.
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