Noble rank and title linked to infulence and enfeoffment makes more sense

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I found in the middle stage of this game always fighting aimlessly and even I have devoted so much to the kingdom,the fief given to me is still unworthy of my devotion.If there exist noble tittles decide how many fiefs gamers could have,then they will have clear goals that let them make their best effort to acheive,but won't make this stage tiresome and boring. (For example,duke or earl act as clan leader have more chance to rule a huge city and castle but family members only get villages)

The solution which I'm thinking about is to add in a new variable quantity as 'meritorious service' or 'contribution point'.It can be consumed to level up noble ranks of players and still be functional together with influence(which means someone with proper noble tittle correspondly get the piority to be nominated as the owner of fief).If they want more fiefs or power,they need a proper title and titles will reward gamers with proper fiefs in the opposite.This provide a way to rise through the ranks,which could be clearly seen by players.

That thing even can be linked to influence.Once a vessal in high position has got plenty of influence,then he could easily take other nobles under his control,change the policy of kingdom and even affect the election of king or emperor(which can be count as rebellion and usurpation).Players could also persuade their colleagues to support thier proposal by evaluation in several aspects such as relationship,value of influence,'contribution' and noble ranks.If feast was implemented it would be a exellent social occasion to do so.
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I like this idea!

A new rank comes with certain expectatinos and responsibility

None, default when you join as a vassal, or lose all your fiefs.

As a loyal baron, you expect to rule 1 castle.
From a loyal baron AI vassal, you can expect 1 party to join armies.


As a loyal count, you expect to rule 1 city and 2 castles
From a loyal count AI vassal, you can expect 2 parties to lead or join armies

As a loyal jarl, you expect to to rule 2 cities and 3 castles
From a loyal jarl AI vassal, you can expect 3 parties to lead or join armies. They will tend to create 1 theirself and have two other join it.


It requires a sum of Influence to proceed in the ranks. However, it does not consume the influence. When you are a baron, has this sum of Influence and the expected castle, you automatically becomes count.

When you don't fullfill the requirements for your current rank, you lose it and also lose relation to your king.

When a fief is to be distributed, game looks after vassals with space whitin their current rank and picks 3 of them(criteras to sort the list before trimming it down to 3 can be liege-relation, clan-tier etc

AI missing influence only to proceed prioritice collecting influence(They avoid creating armies, for example, instead joins anothe one!)
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