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Sergeant Knight
Hello everybody

As many must have noticed, there's been a lack of updates and advancements for OpenBRF in the last two years, and even of maintenance (fixing of newly reported bugs).

This is due to a combination of factors: RL, and the more-or-less complete status of this project for example... but also that I accidentally lost my latest sources (ironical, for an open source thing), so any update implies either the re-coding or the loss of the features added in the latest version (0.0.81), which unfortunately weren't negligible.  Yeah I know, silly of me to lose sources like that (stolen computer, BTW), with all the tools that exist nowadays to prevent such fates.

Anyway, I always wanted to fix this situation. Re-coding things is always a bit psychologically fatiguing (for me) but I'm considering it, also with the upcoming Bannerlord in mind.

Predictably, BL will necessitates changes, more or less revolutionary in nature. Possibilities range from a separate "bannerlord" OpenBRF edition, to minor compatibility updates. Another, separate side idea is that OpenBRF could become a more general tool than just M&B saga, but let's not digress.

That's it. Just letting you know. Share your thoughts or info maybe. Including: how many people do you think are still using this tool? And BL related info which might affect OpenBRF: if you know something, let me know.

[EDIT: on second thought... moved to discussion thread and locked. Reply there]

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