New VC Banners, WIP , Anyone Interested?

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Hi guys!

I decided to create some banners for VC this time, having created others for mods like PoP before:

You can get them here as well :

So right now working on replacements ... I play mostly as a Pictish Pagan warlord, so wanted something in green with a new image.

Ended up with this as a start

So wondering if people like it , they have ideas, some interesting images to share, to see if I can create whole replacements like I have done before in the past :cool:

Just changed one banner to suit my tastes, but there are a ton of nice pictish Images I could place/rework/create for VC for example

Here is some small smaple of some of the nice art

WHat you guys think?

Bonus: New Custom Sail for VC
Bonus2: More Customs Sails
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...Good job, thank you...!

...this is my favorite:...

N.B.:...can I add it on a saved game or need to start a new game...?

In all of my hundreds of hours with VC I still haven't: beaten stort mode, or made a custom sail.

That's not a knock on story mode, as I love this dlc, the sails though, I just couldn't figure it out, couldn't even get the program to run, and these sails look awesome.

Gonna have to fire up VC tomorrow as Bannerlord and their Vlandian calvary have crushed my Battanians and my will to play haha
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