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how about you guys add some? or maybe fix the broken parts of your game? you seem really focussed on putting out ****ty commuinity tales like clockwork yet when it come to content or anything of substance you guys continue to fall short and dissapoint. have you considered selling the game to a compotent dev team that does not need 130 plus ppl to put you a patch every 8 months? or maybe this development team could just do better? i cant wait for manor lords so i dont have to suffer this dev team anymore.
They are working on their sci-fi game. I suspect that Bannerlord has much fewer devs working on it than before, not counting interns.
"focussed on community tales"
buddy its one or two guys making these once a month, thats really not the issue... xd

the rest is sadly kind of accurate
i get that but regardless of number of people working on it, it still sets a bit of a fire to consistently see them waste time on that when no one cares for it. yea when the game is in a good state sure, by all means, but maybe focus on all the things they said they were bringing to this, like diplomacy that matters, the option to build your own castle, and just general quality of life improvements. and why start work on a second game when they have not finished the first one? that makes no sense. finish one project then start another? no no, lets start another when our initial project is about 70% complete, then eventually we will just abandon it! yay. talk about poor leadership and planning.
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