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Need someone who speaks russian and english

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Sorry for posting in english, but I can't speak russian. There is a scene editor (mazai) in our 1257 AD forum, but he doesn't speak english too well and I can't explain to him how to upload the scenes he made, nor can I check and correct them.

Here is the relevant part of my post:

I still need someone who speaks russian, because I can't get through to mazai. He sent me some file, but it is the wrong one and I don't know how to explain the location of his scenes in the mod folder to him any better.
He said he changed the Aachen scene to make Orleans, but his scn_aachen_center is the original one from an older revision of the svn version. Manually placed grass is still in the scene he sent me, so I know he is using an older revision.
I tried to point him to the red marking of changed scenes in the SceneObj folder, so that he would upload his scenes and this time the right files, but he didn't and wants to make Krak de Chevalier now. I told him not to, until someone has taken a look at the scenes to see if they are complete and judging from his pms the walkers and soldiers are missing, which tells me he doesn't know entry points, etc.

Here is the link to the thread: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,127202.855.html

Please help me, so that mazai's work makes it into the mod.


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So what exactly do you want from him? I'm not good at modding, especially scene editing, but from what I got, you want him to send you some files, right? I think I could help you.


Well, I just got a pm from him and have to check if he sent me the right files this time. I will also repost the links in the scene editing thread of our 1257 AD mod forum, so that the other team members can also take a look at the scenes he made so far.
Right now, I'd like him to stop scene editing, because his references are bad and he wastes his time, which is very frustrating (especially for him). I had to redo parts of scenes myself and I know what I am talking about.
Thanks, so far trueten, I will pm you, after I have taken a look at the files he sent me.
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