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[ND3] - Duel Results Thread

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Updated, please inform me if I missed someone.

EDIT: OP clearly says:
Alex_C said:
Please only post if you are reporting a duel's results or screenshots for a duel; congratulations, commiserations, spam and such are not welcome.


ramboTotalWar said:
Crusader 9 - 2 Sting

JuRi_ said:
JuRi 9 - 0 Jezze thx for playing ;]

Dreaon said:
Dreaon 4 - 9 Wegnas

FRA_Peter said:
Peter 9 - 0 eRRoR , gfs mate

Golradir said:
OLL_Watly 9 - 5 Mynes

Siggi123 said:
Siggi 9 - Crazyboy 3

DR_Andrej, DR_Rasengan , Morri and others can confirm

Tork789 said:
Tork789 9 - 3 Barbarian
Witness: SotaMursu

Lord Rich said:
AZAN 9-4 Kulis

Cleric, Blivandefar, Crusader and Shemaforash can confirm.

Andreas ContyS said:
Okocha 9 - 4 ContyS Strelok can confirm.

Gustel said:
Augustus_Wamper 9-0 Zhang_Fei

elmira, thorin and blivandefar can confirm

[M] said:
M 9 - 2 Micmat, gfs

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