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Koray said:
The match was between USA and TR? Anything about Germany??? So why u crying?
HeroofSovngarde said:
And because of a reason that i do not know,Germans are mad and crying too.
[...] As for Germans,good luck against the Turkish team :wink:
I saw a number of comments now by the Turkish side wondering why two or three Germans were complaining... these comments  obviously are meant to imply that we are so afraid of the Turkish team  that we want them out or punished. That's just an ad hominem that doesn't do anything to the topic or the arguments. As words like "crying" don't.

Some people even care about things they think went wrong when it didn't affect them directly, you know...also, the US team showed great sportsmanship in their match against us, when they dropped a player after one of ours had a disconnect in a round they needed to win - I don't think any other team would have seriously thought about doing so. In our match, both sides fought regardless of the ping-disadvantage, and we actually won...so I personally don't see why a team with such good players as the Turkish one didn't try it without being ""clever"". I think Blacktide summed it up perfectly:
BlackTide said:
you join a tournament to play and not stretch technicalities. That's a fundamental part of having an enjoyable and fair environment.
So - I guess some of our people saw a contrast there and didn't like it. In future, please deal with the arguments instead of the nationality of the people who make them, ok?


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@Mad_Dawg: I read the post and understood it quite well. As I wrote here before, there was a fairer solution. Like not letting Ottoman play on West coast and Bohemond on Hungarian server. What I dont understand is you certainly did have a ping advantage, and to make the difference fairer I think Ottoman would have played on both and Bohemond on both as well.