Napoleonic Wars RolePlay Battle of Lingy Event.

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Napoleonic Wars RolePlay Battle of Lingy Event.

So Napoleonic Wars RolePlay server is hosting a event about Lingy.

This Event will be hosted on Napoleonic Wars RolePlay

What Is This Event About?
Having crowned himself Emperor of the French in 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte embarked on a decade of campaigning which saw him win victories at places such as Austerlitz, Wagram, and Borodino. Finally defeated and forced to abdicate in April 1814, he accepted exile on Elba under the terms of the Treaty of Fontainebleau.

In the wake of Napoleon's defeat, the European powers convened the Congress of Vienna to outline the postwar world. Unhappy in exile, Napoleon escaped and landed in France on March 1, 1815. Marching to Paris, he built an army as he traveled with soldiers flocking to his banner. Declared an outlaw by the Congress of Vienna, Napoleon worked to consolidate power as Britain, Prussia, Austria, and Russia formed the Seventh Coalition to prevent his return.

assessing the strategic situation, Napoleon concluded that a swift victory was required before the Seventh Coalition could fully mobilize its forces against him.

Will the French led by Napoleon be able to defeat The Prussians at todays event?

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