Napoleonic+ The mini-mod of the add-on of the mod. Adds Formations!

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disloyalheretic said:
JDeNef13 said:
I'll try to upload it this weekend or so...

Any progress on uploading it? I caught the "white uniform" bug and I'd quite like to get hold of a fixed version. Also, the "Strange native tribesmen", which I assume are the natives mentioned in the first post, have not been replaced for some reason.
I was busy with my own mod, so I forgot to upload. I'll upload it this week(-end), I promise!

Cathedralsqaure said:
Be sure you set them into a formation first. Press X and put them into line formation. All the orders should work properly then.

Ah, thanks.
Thanks for uploading the fixes, JD.

Yuroslav's Line Infantry in staggered formation, fighting off some sea raiders:

(Is there a [simg] tag or similar, to stop pictures from stretching the page?)
Nice Mod.. :cool:
I've installed. and play it. very nice. but the name of the town and the castle is not ReaL :sad:
but it's a great mod..i love it :eek:
Fjodin said:
I LOVE YOUR FORMATION MOD! Now I cant play other Blackpowder mods, untill they add formations :smile:

Great to hear you like it. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming release of Europe 1805. It will have the form ranks kit included too. :wink:
What I love in your mod is that enemy now actually behave like 18 century army. Line up and advance towards you. Then stop and fire. Not like medieval mod charging you! THANX!!
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