Napoleonic+ The mini-mod of the add-on of the mod. Adds Formations!

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Original Napoleonic Add-on:,86153.0.html

Sadly Age of Blackpowder has been shut down and the very good Napoleonic add-on for it is merging with musket madness for Warband. Thus, we M&B players who didn't buy Warband yet are left without an (updated) gunpowder mod. That is, until The Peninsular War will be released.

To relief the pain a bit I asked Venitius for permission to upload my little changes of his add-on. All these changes are aimed at improving the gameplay. Please note that I made this initially for my own personal use. I am not a modder and did it by changing and replacing text files, often copying other peoples work. There might be bugs so install at your own risk. Having said that, I never had any problems myself.

Napoleonic+ is NOT a new mod. Don't even dare to give me any credit for it. It's the same old Napoleonic add-on for AoB but with the following little extras:

Implementation of Foxyman's Form Ranks! kit.

Formations! No longer will you have one group of melee infantry, one group of ranged infantry and one group of cavalry. Make as many groups as you want and choose the formation they should form. It's a bit hard to master in the beginning but it adds a whole new dimension to the game.

See also:,62492.0.html

Battlefield Controls: Also in the camp menu -> Take an action -> Formation Keys Configuration, you can set up your preferred keys. Here's a list of functions for all keys:

    * * Battle! (Default key '6' to '=', back slash and '1' for Everyone just as in Native) - Choose the Battle or all Battles as order listener. By holding 'ctrl' key you can select multiple Battles or unselect one from them.
    * Next/Previous formation (Default key 'y' and 'u') - to select formations
    * Stand closer/Spread out (Default key 'f8' and 'f9') - to order formations to change density
    * Hold this position (Default key 'f1') - to order formations move to player's position
    * Auto rotation (Default key 'g') - to toggle formations between keeping the same direction or always face enemies
    * Apply formation (Default key 'k') - to order Battles for the formation selected
    * Charge/Fall back/Halt (Default key 'b', 'm' and 'n' respectively) - to order formations to move in a certain speed. Pressed multiple times can accelerate the formations.
    * Tactical charge (Default key 'h') - to apply the built-in formation charge strategy for a Battle. Further explanation will follow.
    * Move forward/backward/left/right (Default arrow keys) - to move formaitons ten meters toward a direction.
    * Turn left/right (Default key comma and period) - to order formations to turn 15 degrees
    * Dismiss formation (Default key 'o') - to order battles dismiss formation and charge freely
    * View Order Panel (Default key 'x') - to bring up the order panel for formations

And for heavens sake. If you see enemy cavalry,form square! Don't say I didn't warn you.
In case you wonder: It does indeed work like this ingame.

Implementation of the Lord and Realms Siege pack.

This adds an extra ladder to sieges. Quite useful.

Numerous small tweaks.

Villages will now provide you with the troops of the country owning them even when the ownership of the village changes.
You can now make peace when you are a rebel.
No more native americans in Europe. They are mounted bandits now.

Player might start with the wrong equipement at the start of a new game.
You won't have the 50 Prussians when starting a new game.
Very few firearms showing up in the shops. Couldn't fix it by raising the abundance. Fixed

Credit still goes to:

Venitius said:
Bjorne and his team.
JDeNef13 for retexturing.
Luigi, RR_Raptor65, James, The Pope and Bismark for OSP Weapons.
Nikephoros, for the Dragoon Helmet.
Thorgrim, for BRF Edit.
jordan, for Item Editor.
HokieBT, for Troop Editor.
People in the forge for asking questions I wanted to ask, and so solved my problems,
TML for his thread of tweaks.
Einsenhouwer for Cries of War pack.
Rejenorst for Official Vocals pack.
Checkmaty for More Metal Sounds.
Sibylla for some weapons from Sibylla's weapon pack.
-IYI-O-R-T for the OSP Steampunk pack.
wildhorse for OSP Horses.
Shadow_AUT for the Settlement Names mod (I edited it slightly)
Flavius Etius for v.0.1 of the new flags. (I accidentally included them without having a back up.)
Highelf for the Unofficial Modeling Tutorials (I used knowledge from after watching them to edit some meshes)
Luigi, Nijekovic, Ursca, Ubberdorc, Mirathei, Raz., The Pope and TRC for OSP Helmets.
Couched for some items from OSP Knights.
Manitas for his Auto-rigger, and Rath0s for the tutorial for that tool.
mtarini, for OpenBRF.
HokieBT, The Happy Stormtrooper, TakiJap and Geroj for OSP Clothing.
Clegane for a bonus item.
JFC, Spanky and the Regalia of Nations Team for the Flags from Empire: Total Flags v.1.3 mod for Empire: Total War.
LtChambers for Empire: Total War Pack File manager.
Yoshiboy and contributors of the Pirates! mod.
Perennial Nuisance team for some bicornes.
People who contributed in TheMageLord's Tweak Thread.
The Lords and Realms Siege Project, NICK.ALTMAN and the team.
Loads of people who I probably forgot.

Additional credit goes to:

Foxyman for his Form Ranks! kit.,62492.0.html
NICK.ALTMAN and his team for their Lord and Realms Siege pack.,57569.0.html
TheMageLord for his brilliant list of text tweaks.
QuickDagger who implemented the Form Ranks! kit in the Peloponnesian War mod by editing the text files. It was only after i saw how he did it that I managed myself for this mod.

And of course special thanks go to Venitius and Bjorne for making us Napoleonic Add-on and Age of Blackpowder!

PS: I tried to get permission from everyone necessary. If I did forgot someone, please tell me.

UPDATE: One download with everything you need:

As you might understand it would be quite complicated to ask every single person who contributed to this mod, or whose textures, sounds, etc. are ingame for permission. Especially since not everyone is still active on this forum. Therefore, I cannot give you a single file to download. Instead I've upload those files that have been changed. and you will have to do some of the work yourself. On the bright side: If you already have the Napoleonic add-on you won't have to download that much.

The following steps explain how to install it:

1) Download Napoleonic add-on here:
Install as usual

2) Download and install this small fix:

3) Download and install the sound fix:

--------------------------------Those who have the Napoleonic add-on already can start here--------------------------------------------------------------------

4) Copy paste your Napoleonic module in C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules and name it Napoleonic+ (or whatever you prefer).

5) Download this: [Alt. Link:]

6) Place the files in your Napoleonic+ folder. Overwrite all.


Yeah, they were. I tried to add formations myself but I screwed it over and gave up. What would be great is that someone uses the resources and textures I posted in my topic so they could make a mini-mod for a mini-mod that was a mini-mod of a dead mod. Yeah.. Great work by the way.
Venitius said:
Yeah, they were. I tried to add formations myself but I screwed it over and gave up. What would be great is that someone uses the resources and textures I posted in my topic so they could make a mini-mod for a mini-mod that was a mini-mod of a dead mod. Yeah.. Great work by the way.

I already tryed before but somehow messed up. I might give it a new try but it's unsure when I'll have some spare time. Uni does have priority.

Evilknightz said:
Do the computers use it? If so, Age of blackpowder is now playable, if not, it still sucks.


The Form Ranks kit has something called 'tactical charge'. Every formation type has a special form of attack which you can use. Personally I only use the one for the wedge as the others can be done better manually. The AI however will use them extensively.

Ranged infantry will walk up to you in a line until they are in firing range and then hold position. Melee infantry will form a compact 'box' and try to smash through. Cavalry will form a wedge. They will charge the enemy, run through their lines, make some distance, turn around and do it all over. And this, without breaking formation.

Of course there are some weaknesses. The main one being that they will always form these formations, implying that you wont see ranged infantry quickly forming square when spotting your cavalry. Would have been amazing but let's not ask too much. The other is that the AI will not form multiple formations of the same type. It's always 1 group of melee infantry, 1 group of ranged and 1 group of cavalry.

Overall I find the AI to behave a lot more as they should. But those who don't like it can also turn it off and make them behave as in native.

Anyway, I'm interested in what kind of tactics people use with the formations. So what new tactics do you use?
You might just be the most intelligent recruit this site has ever seen. Would you like to be my apprentice ? :grin:
In terms of tactics, I tend to use the location a lot. Hills are a nightmare, when you fight in the mountains, so I usually get everyone dismounted if I have any cavalry, and use skirmish formations, until the enemy get close, then lead a flank charge with a group of melee infantry whilst my skirmishers hold them down. On the flat, I tend to ride ahead, get the infantry and skirmishers to halt, form ranks, and let them take potshots at the enemy, and I lead the cavalry in a big circle, up behind the enemy, or into their left or right flank, and do a couple of passes, so that the formation they have breaks up a bit, and then I turn and flank charge hard with the cavalry, doing repeated passes, telling the infatry to charge as I do so. o.o that tends to turn the entire enemy foot troops into a slaughterhouse. for Cavalry? Riflemen, Form Square! xD I love the fact silly M and B AI means they don't turn from it.
One of my favourite tactics is the following:

On hilly terrain and facing experienced line infantry I often hide my infantry just behind the hilltop. The enemy infantry will then advance until they are in range, just one the other side of the hill. When they stop I send my cavalry to make a flanking movement. If I do it right the enemy infantry will fire a volley at my cavalry (which is too far away and running in too much of a sharp angle compared to their position to be in real danger). Then I send my infantry over the top and fire a volley from only a few meters distance into the reloading infantry. If the timing is right I can still make a bayonet charge before they can return fire. At the same time my cavalry can turn around and charge them from behind.

Anyway, I'm working on a next version with better AI and formations adapted to the Napoleonic era. It will take some time though. I need to build everything from scratch with the module system and my time is limited.
HELP! How to organise my army on infantry in groups/battles/units??? I can use only 6-Main Battle!!!
You need at least 2 in tactics before you can make your second battle array.

Go talk to one of your companions and tell him that you mak him subcommander. Afterwards you can add troops to his battle array in the camp menu.

More info:,62492.0.html
Always try the first option when you make your character and I won't.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I can't do much about it. This was made by messing around in the text files so messed up stuff is to be expected. Just get a decent weapon, kill some bandits and buy a proper outfit.

I'm working on a new version with the module system which won't have this kind of bugs. But it means that I have to start from scratch and the time I have for M&B is limited.
I've fixed the white uniform bug. If you want Berthout, I can upload the entire add-on + your formations add-on into 1 file... You then can use my upload link so people can download it in one click! :wink:

JDeNef13 said:
I've fixed the white uniform bug. If you want Berthout, I can upload the entire add-on + your formations add-on into 1 file... You then can use my upload link so people can download it in one click! :wink:


That would be great!
For some reason im just not getting the oprion to start a new battle array, i followed your installation steps and have a high enough tactics skills.
thanks in advance
JDeNef13 said:
I'll try to upload it this weekend or so...


Any progress on uploading it? I caught the "white uniform" bug and I'd quite like to get hold of a fixed version.
Also, the "Strange native tribesmen", which I assume are the natives mentioned in the first post, have not been replaced for some reason.
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