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hi everyone. Just tried out the new version of Silverstag. A pretty awesome mod in my opinion  :mrgreen: This was actually the first mod in which I made my own kingdom and conquered all of Calradia, of all the years I have been playing M&B. Anyway, although I find the mod great, here are some of my observations/greivances:

  • First of all I'd like to mention that Hrus Castles (a Nord one) has a problem with the siege tower and ladders. they don't connect perfectly with the castle, and your troops get stuck in a little pit between the ladder and the wall. 4-5 of my guys still managed to get in, but it would be best if this was fixed.
  • Some of the perks are a bit too strong in my opinion. The perk Hardy makes you into an unstoppable demon vampire. Killing on average 100-130 men per battle can be fun, but it is a bit overpowered. I suggest removing the health regen that is on all troops, and instead have the Hardy trait give less health per point of ironflesh. Perhaps have it based on hit points and not on percentage of health could help here as well.
  • An other trait which may be a bit too good is Commanding presence. I think that's the one that gives your troops the health regen buff. Heavy armored one handed troops like Swadian sentinels become extreme powerhouses with this trait.
  • Many lords use too little of the unique troops, and very much mercenaries. Perhaps have each lord start with 25 relation with the centers they own could perhaps remedy this. I would love to see Harlaus trot around with 50 praven knights.
  • Trade income from towns (tarrifs) seem a bit high compared to other sources of income. Having open borders seem like clearly the best choice when trade is what you make your money from. This also makes it much harder to first start out with a kingdom as being at war with many others reduces your income from trade massively.
  • I experienced a bug where I loaned a companion to a lord, then that faction declared war on me, and my companion was gone for good. Not sure if I may have missed something that I should have known to get him back again. Couldn't find him anywhere, even talking to the other lord didn't help, looking with explorers couldn't find him. My guy was just gone.
  • Not sure if this is a problem with this mod, but enemy soldiers seem a bit too eager to follow in formations, especially in sieges, they don't focus much on attacking things they encounter, only moving to the place where they should be. This allows for easy slaughter of troops who don't even defend themselves, when performing a pincer manouvre.

That's about it. Loving the mod though. Really great with all the abilities and unique troops and all that. With the recruitment system it seems like money is a very big factor in getting a great army, and with the trick I used (recruit swadian xbowmen, get them to elite, dismiss in town, get veteran recruits, buy unique troops) it was easy getting a very powerful army fast if you have the money. This makes the later game a lot of fun, since you don't have to spend that much time in recruiting and leveling up troops. I conquered calradia in about 600 days. (crtl-space ftw!)
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