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I will start with the fact im from xbox and have no idea how bannerlord is setup and have vague understanding of the customization system, i realize the class system lacks any depth and makes the game different to say the least and i dislike it a lot but mostly for the sake of customization, its a good feeling to make a name for yourself in a community and to have that name and face recognized from across the map and makes things feel more social. Ive seen complaints it takes a lot of effort to get this customization and tbh i think that might be good, i think the customization should allow faction identity as well as personal expression, ability to remove your helmet and customize your face. it should be rewarding and unique to people of importance, newer players should earn the right to stand by veterans and veterans deserve their well earned recognition, however its also important the armor has effects so that precise attacks can be made and you dont have to worry about hitting invisible armor when it shows they only have armor here or there, people should be able to know where to use their blunt slice or stabbing weapons in the armor example an archer should be able to shoot bear face and not worry its a reskinned vaegir war mask
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