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The year is 268AD.

Rome is in turmoil. After countless Generals-turned-Emperors proclaimed by treacherous legions, the Roman Empire stands on the brink of collapse. The Gallic Provinces have seceded, under the rulership of the Traitor Emperor Postumus, and he has brought Britannia and Iberia into his fold.
In the East, the upstart child-king Vaballathus and the Queen Regent Zenobia lord over the Stolen Eastern Provinces of Asia Minor, Syria and Aegyptus, brandishing power over tax and grain whilst courting Sassanid Barbarians on the side of their Court.

Only one can save us in this trying time.

Rumour spreads of a General from humble origins. Born unto Illyricum, forged in the blood and steel of the Legions, and Commander with no equal yet no ambition. One who could unite a dying Empire and save it from itself and the myriad of Barbarian threats that come from the Wastelands of the north and east.
And these rumours name him as Aurelian.


Mount & Gladius II: Rise of Aurelian is a Singleplayer and Multiplayer module for Mount and Blade: Bannerlord.
Beginning in the year 268AD, the mod will focus on the main act of the 'Crisis of the Third Century', a period in which the Roman Empire was split in three by rebellion and insurrection, whilst roaming Barbarians from Germania and newly formed Sassanid Empire probed and invaded the boarders of an already crumbling society.



The Roman Empire of much of the 3rd Century AD was an Empire in crisis. A string of army-proclaimed Emperors had overseen the damnation of much of the Roman economic and military system, leading to several major declarations of succession. This fact, combined with several large scale Sassanid and Germanic invasions left the legitimate government in Rome on a knife edge, one which even allowed the Germanic Peoples of the Juthungi to march on Rome itself in 271AD.

It was into this power vacuum that Aurelian would assume the Imperial Throne and work towards consolidating centralised power within the Italian Peninsula, driving out numerous Germanic invasions, and ending the proclaimed states of the Gallic Empire and Palmyra.

The roster of Aurelian Rome will focus on the 'classic' Roman subsect of units, ones that most history or game buffs will be familiar with.
Centred around a core of Legionary Infantry in the 3rd Century Style, there will also be an abundance of Auxilia Infantry, Skirmishers and Archers of various types, a long with a good variety of Legionary and Auxiliary Cavalry similar to the unit composition of the Early Imperial period.


The Gallic Empire was a breakaway portion of the main Roman Empire that established itself as a de-facto independant Kingdom in 260AD.
The state was brought into existence by the Batavian Commander Postumus in the wake of barbarian invasions into the Gaulic provinces, and was further spurred on by growing instability in Rome and the newly seceded Eastern Empire centred on Palmyra.

The rogue Roman Empire was legitimised on the battle field, when Postumus successfully defended its territory against an invasion by the 'legitimate' Emperor Gallienus in 263AD, cementing itself as a powerful Germano-Roman military state with its own Praetorian Guard, elected Consuls and Senate.

The roster of the Gallic Empire will, like its other Roman counterparts, be based around a core of 3rd Century Legionary Infantry, strongly supported by heavily armoured Auxiliary infantry forces from Germania.
Supplemented by conventional regional skirmishers, it will have as a hammer to its Legionary anvil heavily armoured melee cavalry from Germania, a long with any mercenary and barbarian forces on the Rhine front in the era.


Stretching from central Asian Minor, through the Syrian basin to the furthest reaches of Southern Aegyptus, The Palmyrene Empire tried to, unlike its Gallic counterpart, stay within the graces of Rome until as late as 271AD when the boy-king Vaballathus took the title of Augustus in the East. Effectively founded by the boy's father Odaenathus when he was declared 'king' in 260 following the defeat of the Roman Emperor Vallerian at the hands of the Sassanids and the arousal of full rebellion in Syria, by the time of 271AD, the shroud of loyalty that the Palmyrene state wore had fallen off, revealing a powerful military state driven by the machinations of the Queen Mother Zenobia.

With a core of Legionaries supported by regional Syrian and Arabian Auxiliaries, the Palmyrene Empire will field masses of armoured Cataphracts of the Eastern Style, as well as armoured and un-armoured horse archers, camel riders and more exotic units.


Formed from the ashes of the old Parthian Empire, the Sasanian Empire under the House of Sasan was a juggernaut to rival a united Roman state, let alone the three split Roman Empires that the 3rd Century Crisis produced. Experienced and tempered by the conquest of remaining Parthian provinces and internal rebellion, the Sassanids had sacked the Roman provincial capital of Antioch as recently as 253AD and had crushed an army led in person by the Roman Emperor Valerian, though eventually being forced into a retreat in 260AD by the Palmyrene loyalist Odaenathus (an action that would directly lead to the creation of the Palmyrene splinter Empire).

Fielding a screen of light, wicker armed infantry and heavier Hoplite-esque heavy infantry to fix the enemy in place, the strength of the Sasanians falls in its huge cavalry reserves.
Fielding every branch of mounted cavalry, from Light Horse Archers to the super heavy Cataphract, the Sassanid war doctrine dictates a highly mobile armoured fist that can smash through Imperial Infantry, from which ever state that they originate from.


The Caledonian Confederacy, nicknamed the 'Picts' by Roman sources, were a confederation of many Britannic Tribal Clans throughout the lowlands and highlands of what is today modern Scotland. Famed in history for forcing the Romans to construct the colossal border defence of Hadrians Wall, the Caledonians mounted many invasions of the Roman Province of Britannia through out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Centuries, meeting success and failure in equal measure in what is considered by many to be a Vietnam-esque conflict that the Roman Empire never fully resolved until their withdrawal from Briton.

The core strength of the Caledonians falls in their multitude of levied tribal infantrymen armed with spears, swords and round shield, but little in the way of body armour. Supported by a more heavily armoured core of elder, richer and more Honorable warriors, the Caledonians have little in the way of organised professional cavalry, but utilise frighteningly fast skirmishers and lightly armed infantry to overwhelm the enemy before they can react.


The mod will contain a period accurate map of Europe and its military and political climate in the mid-late 3rd Century.

Several factions, mainly the Germanic groups soon to be announced, will occupy the areas of future similar factions. We hope that as more content is added into the game, we can create new unique factions of the same geographic peoples to warrant different kingdoms and states.
Due to our prior work on the original Mount and Gladius for Warband, it's likely that the Multiplayer aspect of the mod will release before the singleplayer as its own separate client whilst SP development is worked on.

Multiplayer will be gradually updated as and when new factions and equipment are developed for the singleplayer, and will likely start with two or three factions (including base Romans) to begin with so players can have a chance at experiencing multiplayer events in the confines of the historical period.

Release of content may vary and change based on player and tester feedback.



Vitallion - Mod Head/Programmer/Scener
Jordan51592 - Modeller/Texturer/Animator
Garruk - Modeller/Texturer
Jarvisimo - Programmer/Modeller
Estogamo - Scener
Ross - 3D Artwork
Farquarius - Source Material/Community Moderator
Hope - Source Material/Community Moderator
Zidius - Source Material/Community Moderator
Harkyn - Community Support Officer
Macca/Currie - Community Constable
Merlin - Source Material


Name: The Iceni Tribe
Leader: Iceni_Warchief_Zidius
Leader: Iceni_Elderchief_Merlin
Faction: Caledonian Confederacy



Name: Legio IX Hispana
Leader: IX_Centurion_NewCaesar
Leader: IX_Optio_Tom
Faction: The Roman Empire



Name: The Cornovii Tribe
Leader: Cornovii_Chief_Toutorix
Faction: Caledonian Confederacy



Name: Legio XX Valeria Victrix
Leader: XX_Legate_MyShort
Faction: The Roman Empire



Legio IV Flavia Felix
Leader: IV_FF_Legatus_Currie
Leader: IV_FF_Tribune_Phoenix
The Roman Empire



Name: Legio VI Ferrata
Leader: VI_Legatus_Jorgus

Faction: The Roman Empire


This thread will continue to be updated as more information, artwork and content becomes available. Check back in soon for more MnG goodness!

Regards ~ The MnG Team
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That sounds like an epic mod in the making! I just joined your Discord and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Best of luck! :smile:


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Count me in! Programming and scening! A little 3D and UI if I'm not too rusty there.
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