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MP Native Mount and Blade II: Warband

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The goal of this mod is to recreate the feel of Warband's multiplayer, but in the Mount and Blade II engine.
To achieve this, the mod has an extremely low TTK (time to kill). What this means is, all weapons are extremely lethal while all armor is lowered and standardized across the classes.

Bows fire extremely fast and accurately.
Heavy archer classes gain perks to increase their damage on vital hits, while advanced crossbows gain reload speed and bolt variations.
Light cavalry is standardized into Courser, Hunter, and Desert Horses and equipped with light lances.
While Heavy cavalry has ample charge damage coupled with large, heavy, weapons like Morning Stars, Bardiches, Hafted Blades, and Iron Maces to make bump hits more satisfying.
All infantry, light and heavy, have one handed weapons that will kill in two hits. Especially lethal weapons like the Elite Scimitars and Military Cleavers will kill weaker classes in one hit. Heavy infantry has access to specialty two handed weapons along with improved armor perks that overhaul appearances.

Finally, a new class type is added. The Lord style classes sport gaudy armor, making it easy to spot them from across the battlefield. With a multitude of weapons and playstyles to choose from and an extremely high armor, these classes are not to be taken lightly.
In the TeamDeathMatch and Siege game modes, these classes can be acquired for a hefty gold price, as to reward players for having a large kill streak.
In the Battle and Skirmish game modes, it is impossible to accrue enough gold to play as these classes. Instead, they are only playable through chat commands giving players enough gold to spawn as one. The purpose of this is to make it easier for people hosting events. They can give out gold to allow leaders to stand out on the battlefield to better command people.

Each native bannerlord faction has been completely overhauled into a warband faction with 100% new perks, class names, weapons, and armors.
Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/5625
Steam Workhop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2974706083
Classes and Weapons

New Weapons


One Handed: Spiked Club, Falchion, Scimitar, Winged Mace, Elite Scimitar,
Polearms/Two Handed: Awl Pike, Long Hafted Mace, Great Long Bardiche, Heavy Lance
Bastard Weapons: Horseman's Axe
Ranged Weapons: Strong Bow, Warbow, Masterwork Strong Bow, Masterwork Warbow

One Handed: Arming Sword, Short Sword, Swadian Noble Sword
Polearms/Two Handed: Awl Pike, Long Awl Pike, Heavy Lance, Great Lance
Bastard Weapons: Bastard Sword, Heavy Bastard Sword, Morning Star
Ranged Weapons: Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, War Darts

One Handed: Short Sword, Fighting Pick, Sickle, Soldier's Cleaver, Military Pick, Military Cleaver,
Polearms/Two Handed: Ashwood Pike, Random Farming Tools, Light Lance, War Cleaver, Maul, Sledgehammer, Glaive
Ranged Weapons: Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Siege Crossbow, Masterwork Siegecrossbow

One Handed: ArminRaiders Axe, Nordic Shortsword, Raider Heavy Axe, Noble Axe, Nordic Light Mace, Nordic War Sword, Nordic Noble Sword
Polearms/Two Handed: AGreat Long Axe, Raider 2h Axe, Light Lance
Ranged Weapons: LightShort Bow, Long Bow, Javelin, Throwing Axe

One Handed: Eastern Light Axe, Heavy Sabre, Spiked Mace, Spiked Club, Khergit Noble Sabre
Polearms/Two Handed: Hafted Blade, Heavy Hafted Blade, Light Lance, Steppe Lance
Ranged Weapons: Hunting Bow, Nomad Bow, Nomad Short Bow, Strong Bow, Javelin

One Handed: Arming Sarranid Sword, Iron Mace, Scimitar, Sarranid Guardsword, Iron War axe, Sarranid Cavalry Sword, Sarranid Noble Sword
Polearms/Two Handed: Bamboo Spear (Swingable), Short Spear, Light Lance, Heavy Lance, Iron Mace
Bastard Weapons: Iron Battle Axe
Ranged Weapons: Short Bow, Nomad Bow, Strong Bow, Jereed

New Classes


Footman, Veteran, Boyar
Archer, Marksman
Horseman, Knight

Militia, Infantry, Lord
Crossbowman, Trained Crossbowman
Man at Arms,. Knight

Tribesman, Spearman, Sergeant, Count
Crossbowman, Sharpshooter

Trained Footman, Warrior, Berserker, Huscarl, Jarl

Tribesman, Infantry
Horse Archer, Veteran Horse Archer, Horseman, Lancer, Noyan

Footman, Skirmisher, Guard, Emir
Horseman, Mameluke

Maps and Servers

Currently there is a TDM w/ bots server up for NA East called Warband Area. However, the server files are posted on both Nexusmods and the Steam Workshop, so feel free to host a server for a different game mode if you like. The mod is not balanced for Siege mode yet, as there is not siege maps in the mod itself yet.

Map list
: Arena, Field by the River, Verloren, and Sandi Boushe
Battle/Skirmish: Arena, Field by the River, Verloren, Sandi Boushe, Village (Work in Progress)
Siege: N/A
non-warband themed maps: Usanc, Waterfall, Trench, Forest Ruins

Acknowledgements & Future updates

Thank you to LizardWizard for making the Verloren, Sandi Boush and Field by the River maps
Thank you to Firatess and the Wicked Tavern Fanatics clan for making the open source Arena maps
Thank you to Lord Eastwood for creating the Full Helm on the Rhodok Sergeant and working on the Village map
Thank you to Faust for creating Usanc, Waterfall, Trench, and Forest Ruins
Thank you to Swadian Paladin for the open source Lance model
Thank you to Nemerius for giving me permission to use Bahamut's Armory in this mod

For all intents and purposes, the mod is fully completed, however, I will continue to update and maintain it. Help is apprciated, though not necessary. The main areas of expertise I'm looking for help in are:
New maps are always appreciated
Some of my faction icons are a little messy (specifically the Sarranids)
Additionally, I am looking for is a "lore" person who knows a great deal about Warband to help me adjust a few name of the class names and help write descriptions for the armory lore blurbs.
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