In Progress Resource Browser Models and textures that were imported in previous versions freeze mod tools.

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Almost all models and textures freeze the mod tools if you try and open a mod containing them as long as the file was created using a previous version of mod tools.
I’ve been informed by others with this problem that it appears to be the Tpac files created when importing to the tools causing the issue
I open a mod in the mod tools containing an armor and texture created and imported on 1.5.6 mod tools.
When on launch the mod tools face an infinite white screen.
However upon loading up the mod tools with a brand new module, then finding the original texture for example before it was imported to the previous version.
Take this texture and put it in an empty module in the asset sources and use resource browser to import it.
Now on launch the file will not freeze the mod tools.
I don’t know about all the models yet until my textures finish importing (currently at 27 hours of constantly reimporting them).
I only imported a few models so far but they seemed to work fine as long as 1.5.7 tools were the tool version to import them.


Ok so the only sure way around this was to move all my old asset sources to a new 1.5.7 module folder and reimport everything.

The files work now but I had 1800 textures and models to import and it’s taken nearly 35 hours of constant importing to fix this which isn’t ideal at all.

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Forwarded to the developers for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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