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BL Coding Modding : How To Make New Kingdoms\Cultures?

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Hi there guys! I've been working on a personal mod for a few months now, where I remake all the current factions into historical versions, by only using in-game assets. But I haven't figured out how to establish new kingdoms from the existing ones.

As an example : I reworked the units of Vlandia into 2 separate troop trees "Teutonics & Iberians", but what I really wanted to do is instead of Vlandia actually have the "Iberian Kingdom"(in the southern most part of Vlandia) and the "Teutonic Kingdom"(in the western and northern part).

I decided to start thinkering with the "spcultures" and "spkingdoms" files, and started by trying to make a separate imperial culture to the Northern Empire in the game, and renaming it "Byzantine Empire".

I basically just copied and pasted the already existing empire culture, but changed the Id of the culture, text, name and units, then did the same to the already existing one, and then applied the id of the new culture to the Northern Empire kingdom in spkingdoms.

But, lo and behold, even though I could enter the main menu, when I selected to start a new game it crashed...

Anyone who's more experienced with this type of modding can point me in the right direction and tell me how to do it?
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