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Modding Guide M&B Warband

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Hi Earendil!
Can I ask for the Warband Modding Discord Link?
Thank you for Updating the Modding Guide for Us Newcomers.
(Knew about the game in 2012 play it for a bit in 2018. Only got back into it in late 2020 Found out about the Warband Mods thanks to some Youtube Videos From The Reformist TM Mod Features and Koifish Warband Experience. Been looking for an updated guide aside from the Modding Guide from 2012)

Hope you finish the Guide Soon Buddy!
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Eärendil Ardamírë

Subforum Moderator
Hope you finish the Guide Soon Buddy!
That will still take a while, too much to write :lol:
However, if time allows I will try to make another little update in December, with five more pages. I am happy to see that people are making use of it :grin:

And as Tocan wrote, a happy modding!

Eärendil Ardamírë

Subforum Moderator
New update for the Modding Guide:
  • The following (sub-)chapters have been finished:
    'Can-fail (cf_x) Scripts'
    'Optimal Music File Format'
    'Optimal Sound File Format'
    'Skin/Gender/Race-based Voice Entries'
    'Sound Flags'
    'Animation Sounds'
    'Variations for Animations'
    'Module Map Icons'
    'Creating a New Party Template'
  • Added introduction to chapter 'Module Sounds'
  • Added passage at 'Other Tidbits'
  • More detailed description at itp_covers_legs, cheers to dstn and Somebody!
  • Added remark to shoot_speed and some other little work at item stats descriptions.
  • Added description to arf_make_custom_sounds.
  • Improved module.ini descriptions of enable_quick_battles, show_multiplayer_gold, disable_attack_while_jumping and can_reload_while_moving
  • Integrated some infobit at 'Remarkable Notes'
  • Added notes about Decompilers
  • Little work at chapter 'Module Mission Templates'
  • Little corrections and additions
Get the new version at the usual place:
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