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Nope. No point in having monsters turned on at all in SMP. You can't kill them either. Unless you set them to fire in which case their loot usually just burns & dissapears.
We have our ways.

Anyways, I hope one of these days he makes the obsidian less hard to mine if it's needed for tha portals. It take's a LOOOOONG time to mine out even 5.
The health bug is not going to be fixed? NOOOOOOOOOO.

New map I presume then? While the damage can be fixed (in a long time), Eino's random exploring will mean it takes a very long time till we find a new biome.
Yes, Wercheg is awesome. It is definitely gorgeous, but I bet we could build it even better.

"Guess what.. Furnaces should now face the opposite direction the player is facing when you plant them.


And so do stairs now. They will never auto-turn ever again!"

Venitius said:
Erm... shouldn't they turn towards the player?  :???:

They face the opposite direction the player is facing. So, they'll always face you when you place them.

Hah! Ninja-edited that, huh?
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