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Why do we not have a thread for this awesome game???

Site: http://minecraft.net/
Forums: http://minecraftforum.net/
Post your bug reports and ideas here: http://getsatisfaction.com/mojang

Taleworlds Server: See http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,147874.0.html
Saw your post on the forums.

Found a quite little server with 2 dudes on it building a castle, so went off and built my own on the other end of the map. 4 hours later it looked pretty neat, with them both connected.
Orj said:
I saw your name spelled out in blocks on the ground in one server. :razz:
Ahhh... That was public day in the Gamingsteve server. :razz:
We definately regretted that day.
Its worth noting that the guy making this was one of the guys who made wurm online (but he left the company about 2 years back)
Jackamo said:
Can you actualy dig into the ground and make tunnels?
Yep. You can create or remove a large number of blocks, creating massive castles or excavating enormous caverns. It's kind of like legos, but more awesome. Of course, it's also too early in the development to do anything with your creations, but they're very pretty. ^.^
I didn't buy it; I'm just playing the free alpha. I might buy it later though, once it's fleshed out a bit more (supposing I can ever get up the cash to buy games again).
I play it. Not in Multiplayer though, coz I'm clumsy enough to flood caverns, and that can result in a server ban.

Can we post pictures of our creations here or is this for discussion only? I'll spoiler 'em promise

Eh look, a they're working on new blocks! Glass and Sponge. Glasses for viewing what's outside and sponges that absorb water.
Heh, I've been playing around with it a little, and it's fun way to kill some time. I'll have to check out multiplayer too. :grin:
Joined a server and made a neat bridge!  :grin:

Great time killer.

EDIT: Improved it into a castle in the sky.


Every server I went into seemed to be filled with halfwits who banned me instantly after joining.
Suspect-Device said:
Every server I went into seemed to be filled with halfwits who banned me instantly after joining.
Maybe they think something like "Hmm, what suspicious device is joining my server, could it be hax? I'll just ban him just in case..."
I didn't want java to run in untrusted site, so I haven't played the game. Does it have some goal or do you just build random stuff in it? Doesn't look like mining to me.
It's just random right now. Just imagine life size legos, and go nuts. I haven't played multiplayer yet, though I'm slowly building up an epic castle (complete with a massive tower, a mine, and an ancestral tomb).
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