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Improving sieges for cities (battle within a city)​
Make it possible to retreat to the city and hold the defense there, having previously fortified the position.
There is no need to make any captures of points, the goals of attackers and defenders are quite simple. Kill all defenders for attackers and vice versa. For example: you play for defense, your army is 400 fighters, of which 300 are archers, the enemy has 700 fighters. Your goal is to kill the largest number of enemy units before they reach the wall, if they reached the wall and you killed 200-300 enemy fighters, and 50-100 of your fighters died and you understand that you cannot hold the walls, you just press Tab and press the button to retreat to the city (when we press the button to retreat to the city, our soldiers retreat to the pre-scripted positions), where you have placed barricades or ballistae in advance and instead of defending a large wall, you will only need to hold 2 passage. In total there will be 2 passages that need to be protected and you, as a commander, will have to run back and forth to see if the defense has been broken through (accordingly, there will be 2 points where you can put defensive structures).
Click on the "prepare defense inside the city" button and a menu appears:
Note: 1)To see where the passages A and B are located, you can walk around the city by pressing Alt and they will be highlighted (only when the city is under siege in peacetime, the passages will not be highlighted).2)You can install both 2 ballistae and 2 barricades.
What the barricades look like:
What ballistas look like:
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