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Ok so I am new to the game, a friend recommended the game and I tried it, he said if you get bored playing the normal campaign open up a new world and play with cheats maybe you will have more fun. So I own everything now, with cheat ofcourse, the battles won win control+F4 added EXP to level up, added money. I got married and I have vassals now, but I don't have a Marshall, nothing showed up asking who to be the marshall, and my wife is not the marshall when I talk to her I can only organize a fest, try getting something right in the realm or looking the inventory of the castle. Any help?
BTW I will play the normal campaign without cheat so no hate please :smile:


You have in your castle the minister (whom could be replaced by your companions btw), you can talk to him about appointing a Marshall.


The problem is, I don’t see him anywhere, even after moving the court, he is no where to be found! And this topic was supposed to be about the minister but I was so tired while typing it it was like 3:30AM. And still have ni minister or marshall.


Since youve used cheats to get where you are your game may be out of whack.

The way ministers work is like this. You take a castle or town as an independent lord, then you have the opportunity to start your own kingdom. You then come to a screen where you are given the choice to hire a minister from the local area or hire one of your companions as a minister. If you choose to hire a minister from the local pop you will be limited in what you can tell your minister to do. If you hire one of your companions you will have a range of orders you can give to your minister i.e. appoint a marshall. I noticed the minister from the local pop wont allow you to grant fiefs to your lords. Anyway, your minister is in your capital, the capital is the town where your kingdom was born.
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