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Instead of out of the magical bird that delivered a child there should be better and more immersive/logical way of potraying/showing the process of making a child.

1) There should be a time process where you overtime (depending on the player play style) player will ocasionaly visit his wife and interact with her via dialogues where you chose the offered/given options and also can give gifts from jewerly to special exotic food (wich can be aquired via specific questline that will be given when player initiates the child making rout/process) that will over time as you give some time with your wife the appeal bar/meter will increase.

2)Appeal bar needs to be to minimum 50% for your wife to be realy into wanting a child/having the initiative/is in mood for and the way you fill the metter is by doing things from previously mentioned things and mainly via dialogue play on words will increase that bar. (even CK3 has popups interacting with wife,with various events and giving gifts)

3)When appeal bar or whatever will be called is done and your wife is in mood then you cant just be randomly on the other side of the map and out of nowhere you get a child when she isnt even in your party at all but you will get an event pop up where it will tell you like your wife sent a messenger for you telling you she wants to have together time.The player will need to go to the holding where she resides (the letter wont give you time constraints/time limit so player can visit her whenever player wants or there can be like 30 day time limit) and then go and talk with wife where additional dialogues will be available then you can initiate the heir/child making process.

4)When child making process is initiated you will have regular passage of time and every like in game hour or so you will get dialogue pop ups to chose from simulating playtime with wife where you will have several options to chose from but also there will be options there that if selected have a potential of ruining the mod and maybe even make your wife mad making it to cancel the procces and player needing to initiate it again a few days later but the next time you initiate you will sway her much quicker and wont need to go throu every stuff that you needed first time.It can be just some simple cheer up/mood up dialouge options.

5)In total the making of the child procces can like last 2-5 in game hours and same should also be applied to AI/NPC Lords but unlike players AI/NPC can just go to city buy jewerly/exotic food and then just spend 2-5 in game hours being inside its holding aka simulating spending time with wife.

I think this implementation is much more logical,more imersive,more interactive with the world due to getting specific quests for getting jewerly/exotic foods once the child making process in initiated and also makes you actulay go to places instead of random pop up oh you have a child without even setting foot in your holding or spend time at location where your wife is.

Also think its bit easyer to implement since its mostly texts/dialouge,popup messages,unlocked quests and spending in game time wich player can fast forward anyway.

This may also slightly help/add up with snowballing bcs even the mighty faction needs heirs/children.So depending on timing they might postpone declaring war for few days and instead go spend time in castle/simulating spending time with wife and trying to get an heir/child.This may not be the ultimate help but those 2-5 in game hours that some lords at certain time spend in their holding is 2-5 in game hours that can give to weaker faction lords to go and recoup their economy or slightly build up its troops or maybe even manage to get/pursuit a peace with another nation if its in war and try to end it.
A married [noble] couple have a obligation to breed in most known traditions, you know. If anywhere, this kind of stuff should be parts of convincing a spouse and his/her familly to marry, not whether to breed once married.

Most noble marriages were political though.
In CK, relation increase fertility a small bit(brobably the couple wants more frequent playtime). But in that game, healthy relation with your spouse has other benefits... Such as staying alive....
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