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Vlandian Troop Tree Rework & Overhaul

This mod adds new types of troops for Vlandia that offer more variety, refine existing ones and implemented the troops into the game world.
If you start a new playthrough (you should), all vlandian Lords and Settlements will have and use the new vlandian units. The units were also included in settlements for recruting or as garrison. New guards which now look more like a guard have been added (guarding Lordshall/Settlement if no garrison stationed). Each unit has a large number of armor sets - so no battle will be the same as the previous one. I want to keep it a bit realistic and create a slightly better immersion.

10 Reasons Overview:
  1. More than 204 various equipment sets
  2. More weapon variety
  3. More than 25 new/reworked units
  4. More immersion
  5. Less copy/past units
  6. Less heavy over 9000 athletics units
  7. Reworked Vlandian Noble Troop Tree
  8. Units have been fully implemented in the Vlandia faction (Vlandia uses the new units)
  9. Vlandia Longbows added
  10. Added the Kingsguard as elite units




Nexus Mod Page

Be aware:
Start a new playthrough.
I recommend creating a new game instead of using a saved game with the old one
Vlandian troop tree. However, you can try to run a saved game.

Unzip and Drop MakeVlandiaGreatAgain_v0.0.0.0 Folder into your Bannerlord Module Folder, start game, enable the mod in the launcher and start Recruiting your new Vlandians.

Hope you like it, greetz Methking!
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