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  1. I made a Wooden Roman Fort map

    Hey Guys, With the Roman mods that have slowly started to come out I thought I would start working on Roman maps. I have created a simple Roman Wooden Fort, which is planned to be used for MP battles against the Barbarian tribes. (when custom servers arise) This map will have multiple weather...
  2. The_Schwarz

    SP Native DismembermentPlus

    Hey all I just was trying to find a way to share that I reworked the original Dismemberment Mod and it is working again its been out on Nexus for a few months but I don't think its well known. I still am seeing comments and traffic go to the original that has been busted since v1.4.1. So, I...
  3. Aldarith

    Lord_Spelukrascht Maps / Westres Siege Maps

    Hey folks, I just wanted to share my work / these maps somewhere it will be accessible for those hosting servers. Some of these maps are derivative - that is to say that I am not the only one who worked on them, but at some point I did update or overhaul them in response to shortcomings I...
  4. Home made npc


    I made prototypes for fallout's blade mod in NW. I get xp from theese mods like nativex. and i enjoyed a lot! I hope i can make first surume in 2021's summer (and after all). :D Make sure to share this post and comment pls!!!!
  5. Futui

    SP Other Any interesting projects looking for mapmakers?

    I am looking for interesting projects for cooperation, I offer the services of a mapmaker. My specialization is maps for multiplayer, but I have experience and interest in creating maps for singleplayer mods too. Warband experience: - Napoleonic wars - many popular and not so public servers had...
  6. DrunkenFrenchman

    SP Native Medieval Blood, **** and Iron - a total troop overhaul

    Hi all, I am the author of Blood, **** and Iron, a troop overhaul which seeks to thread the line between historical accuracy and lore-friendliness. I have made an effort to ensure that each faction has a unique feel to it with its own strength and weaknesses while also remaining balanced. Each...
  7. Methking

    SP Native Medieval Make Vlandia Great Again

    Vlandian Troop Tree Rework & Overhaul About: This mod adds new types of troops for Vlandia that offer more variety, refine existing ones and implemented the troops into the game world. If you start a new playthrough (you should), all vlandian Lords and Settlements will have and use the new...
  8. SP Native Bear My Shield

    This is my new mod, an iteration of Bear My Banner. You can now add custom shield design to each unit (vanilla or modded). It's a a bit labour intensive but very rewarding ! Bear My Shield is available on the Nexus On the mod page, you can find documentation on how to center your...
  9. xialuo1997

    [TBD] Bannerlord Mod: Touhou Analepsia~illusory nirvana

    Greetings, my name is Shalo, any Touhou fans here? I believe many of you have bought Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. So we, the team that made the Touhou mod for Warband, are formally announcing that we are starting work on Touhou Analepsia~illusory nirvana (or you can just call it Touhou Gensokyo...
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