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I don't understand how this makes sense.

I have rag tag mercenary band that has 47 troops. There is a massive army of 574 of my allies heading right to a castle to siege it. Yet the enemy army of 568 is going to make a massive detour away from that army to... chase me... Why? How does that make any sense? At what point does your people become insignificant enough that the AI doesn't chase you when they're about to lose a castle?

This is not the only area you see this in. I'll order my men to charge and they'll all go after that single little guy over on the side somewhere and ignore the massive army dead ahead of them.
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The AI does this to show its respect to the future ruler of Calradia, the liberator of Calradian lands from tyranny and liberator from violence and wars. Accept it as inevitable.
Your Majesty, Ave Caesar!
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