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Main Theme Music

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Is there a remix or revision of the main theme music of Mount and Blade Warband? I love Warband and most of the music in it but the main theme is not very easy on the ears its usually blaring out very loudly its very disruptive I rush to click on something to stop it. Some of the battle is not so hot too. So if there was a cover of Warband's music that would be great.
On another note Bannerlords opening is pretty good.


Wytb, just thinking about it I can hear it in my head and I got goosebumps all over, such a good composition, and swadia hall is best record ever.

I use the mod for the wfas tho, that changes some tracks to Ost from "Colonel Wolodyjowski" the movie.

Hans 77

Yeah I turned off Warband's music within the first week of playing the game, and that was about 10 years ago.

But if you're looking for a sweet jam to blade to, might I suggest this one:

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