Open Lost my serial key. Avangate doesn't seem to work?

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I bought the game in 2012. I'd like to re-install it, but I don't know my serial key. This has happened to me in the past and through logging in to Avangate I was able to get it back.
Now I can't log in to Avangate, they seem to have changed names, and requesting a new password doesn't get me an email sent. I know I've got the same email address because I have an old password reset email from 2017 still in the inbox.

Any advice?
I appreciate that you gave me an answer, but I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say. Avangate was a place to buy official serial keys when I bought the game, and you could log in to the site to see your key. I've emailed them, but also posted here on the off chance that somebody else has had this problem.
I have never read about someone buying a key at that plattform but might be that it has just been a minority which never mentioned it. I assume that your key is lost and you will need to buy a new one. Things would be different if you would have had registered your game key at the forum here, game ownership gets viewed at the profile (see mine here) and TaleWorlds would have gotten back on you. Since you didn't do so within the last ten years, especially after you lost it already the first time five years ago, it's time for you to buy a new key. Alternatively you can hope and wait for a response from Avangate.
Avangate is literally one of the 2 sites mentioned in the FAQ for lost serial keys:
If I remember correctly they handled the billing for non-european customers buying directly through Taleworlds.
I didn't know registering through the forums existed.

As to the key being "lost" to my mind it wasn't lost, it was stored on Avangate, I could log in there at anytime and see the serial numbers for any game purchased through them. Sometime between 2017 and today this was changed, in that accounts that haven't made a purchase in 3 years are deleted. It's entirely possible that somebody else has experience with this.
I got also corrected by other moderators who mentioned that Avangate was the old payment portal for M&B. We have no other solutions at hand though than letting you write an email to their support.
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