Lords die too often

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I have seen somewhere the chance of death of the lords is about 5-10% (if they lose the battle). AI battles happen very often/
When Ai lords fight each other (without a player) one of them dies.
As a result, the population is rapidly falling and the world is becoming empty. Whole clans are dying out and their children. Which just don't have time to grow.
Taleworlds pls give the opportunity to regulate the chances of death of the lords. (just like in the settings with the death of clan members)


I agree! I think the old sistem was much better in this regard ,lords could only die when you the player were present in the battle. Also make the lords that are leader of a clan less likely to be in a battle. They should either come better prepared (the best troops) or send a npc (commander/general what ever) into the battle in their stead. If they lose the battle the lord could surrender in that case.


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But actually it's only a 2% chance when they are defeated in battle, possibly less if the have some medicine.
They will die in prison breaks, it's bugged or something, they seem to always die if it's not a blunt weapon in prison break.


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I don't see them die that often. After decades and decades, I see about 2-3 dead lords in each of the clans, and maybe 2~3 out of the entirety of the clans from game start being wiped out. I'm not sure how the things will push when the time scale increases to something like more than half-century, but in the realistic time frame of your own character's life time of 30-40 years, I don't think it's a problem.


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There's a 2% chance they'll die in every battle... Doesn't seem like much... and it's the same for every battle... the chance never changes.

But if you have enough battles the probability of that 2% outcome occurring increases. Enough battles and the probability of death gets surprisingly high. If they fight 50 battles, it's something like 1-0.98^50 which is 64% chance that they gonna die some time within that 50 battle sprint. (caveat: I might be wrong. I haven't done probabilities in a while)

This is a good thing. There are a lot of kids coming along in 18 years. Can't have the world over populated.

We run out of things to build in towns long before we run out of nobles.
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