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Hello everyone,
I'm very new to modding in Bannerlord, although I have a long experience of coding behind me.
For this reason, I decided to give it a try, and after making my first mod following this amazing tutorial serie and reading the avaiable documentation, I decided to hop onto the Multiplayer side of modding, since that's where I would like to build my Project on.

The issue
On the entire Internet there is literally 1 place where you can find anything Multiplayer related, that being this section of the Documentation, nothing else, to the point that even ChatGPT tells me it has no information on this.
Adding to that, it's also outdated, meaning I had spent 3 days just to figure out how to get past the initial setup, hosting the server and setting up the custom gamemode (ty do some friends on the Discord modding server for guiding me through this).
The Example MP Mod provided is outdated as well.

How do I handle client-server communication?
How do I know, for example, how to tell the Client his denars balance was updated on the Server?
Is there any other requirement or limitation for the Multiplayer compared to the Singleplayer?

This is just a couple questions that came up to my mind on the spot, but there could be a ton more that can't find an answer.
Is there anyone or somewhere I could go to get me guided through the general way Bannerlord handles Multiplayer?

Thank you in advance!
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