Looking for mods I should use on my first playthrough

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Hello there,

I've played this game before a few years ago and I'm now going to play it again.
I would like to know what mods I should use for my playthrough

I don't want to change the entire game, I just want to tweak it a little so it becomes a bit better.
Eg: add items and armor that look cool but aren't too overpowered and stuff.

If anyone knows any mods like this. Please let me know!

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,
What do you want?

If you just want a more interesting content heavy version of Warband I would suggest Floris. The lovely thing about Warband mods is they cover almost every genre or era of human history the mechanics can handle.

We got mods that are high fantasy, low fantasy, stuff based on Lord of the Rings or certain events in history like the Crusaders etc.
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