How to implement faction color feature?

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Hello there, can someone tell me how to add the feature to change the color of all factions in a mod? I see Brytenwalda lacks one sadly so I wanted to add it. I know it can be added manually and it does not seem as comprehensive and easy to use as the option in Reports where you can see and choose any specific color you like. One file to be edited is menus, what other files need to be touched upon?
Thank you for your reply, where can I find it and what is it? I did not find in Warband folder.
Never modded before outside of using TweakMB for some small stuff and manually changing faction color in factions.txt. No knowledge of Python either. I got the Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 and wanted to add the feature to change faction colors. To my knowledge there is no module system released for the submod, only for the 1.41 original version mod, which has a lot of bugs fixed by Repolished so I am rather reluctant to go back. Can it be done with only editing txt. files?
Give this list of little tweaks here a check, changing a faction colour should be listed there:
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