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I played a bit with the editors and made a new companion with conversations and edited certain existing characters to make interactions with him.
When you see this guy in taverns, you find him:

This pack also contains all of the modified companions I made earlier and some new details.

It is better to make a new folder in Modules and put there the content of Ogniem i Miezcem. Than overwrite those with my files. This way your original game is still present and you avoid confusions.
The new dialog entries may cause problems in non-English versions.


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You 2 delete your posts.

Csatádi please dont spam the list, put progress reports on YOUR mods thred, not here.

EasyEight, this is not a mod suggestions thred.

Both of you please delete your posts.


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Sorry  for being harsh, i thaught you were trolls.
ATM there is no suggestions thred, i might make one in a while. but for the min there is no suggestions thred.


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I know, I rushed to the gun a little too fast. Sorry.

What type of mod are you looking for, if you dont want to try all the mods, ask me and ill give you a description of what the mods "do".



Ok, thanks. I am hoping there are some mods in process to extend the world into western Europe and Italy as well.
I'm afraind Conquest only covers Spain, France, and England, in their conquest of America. If you're looking for a mod based in Western Europe, sorry, but it isn't mine.


Excuse me, what do you mean by M or S?
Could you explain me more about diplomacy map and multiplayer-only map?
Thank you.


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Csatádi said:
I'm finished the scene bugfixer!  :lol:,195421.0.html

Csatádi, stop posting progress for your mod on here, its getting annoying.

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Here is a mod I just released, I'm still working on it though.,199807.0.html


If you wouldnt mind, you might want to mention that my mod is not supported on the current version, and Im not working on it anymore because Im doing another mod for this game right now, it will have most of the features from that mod in it.
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