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Most people will update their game cos without it they cant play multi, I doubt its needed atm as there are only about 10 mods so far for WFAS. Ill add older mods once there is more than 3 "old" mods.
I'd love to see a detailed medieval (fiction or non-fiction) mod for with fire and sword, I would make it myself but I can't because I have absolutely no idea of how to mod/skin/code etcetera..
NP mate, also mod suggestions are suppost to go in the mod suggestions topic in the pioneers guild.
Lyndo89 said:
Has anyone heard anything about a napoleonic era for single player? If so do you know when it will be released?
The place to look is the Pioneer's Guild. Use the search feature for the tag [WFaS] or even the two tags [WFaS][S] to see what folks are publically working on.

Note that there's already a Napoleonic singleplayer mod released for Warband and another being worked there might not be a whole lot of interest in remaking the wheel for the virtually identical engine.
Why am I under the impression alot of mods are missing from the list? And isn't there a new faces mod pack? Is there a polished version of WFaS? Or just purely a better sounds, I'm not looking for huge overhauls, just mini overhauls and tweaks.
Is there any mod that fixes the campaign AI and the ransom brokers/Ramun?  I see the factions constantly launching sieges with tiny parties against towns that don't even border them, and Ramun, that cheat, pays 12 thaler for all prisoners despite the advertised price.
Just got M&B FS from steam for $2.49 on sale and going to try it, I wish diplomacy mods was made for FS...loved it on warband
(I've looked around but couldn't find anything, If I'm wrong PLEASE tell me)
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