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I retextured some armor for chel to use in extended gameplay tough i thought i'd make it public so evryone can use it.

So far it contains:

58 armor retexture's
52 shield retexture's
11 face paintings
15 new weapons

Repository link (updated link, Earendil, Moderator):

I would really apreciate it if you guys could send me some screenshots of it to place it here.

I will update based on comments.
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Basically a big test i tried to make some highlander faces tough i decided to use other colors as well instead of only blue and white. Anyways I'm not very good at it yet if people like the overall idea ill create lots more else ill just drop it.


Sorry to say that, but those faces look horrible. More like they have a fever from outer space or something.
You should keep the color more toned down with the skin (If you really want a big area of paint (Now it looks to artificial)), or keep the color you have now, but keep the brush thinner (3 or 5) or use the burn tool (also with a thin brush) that should help :wink:


I agree with Balduran, the Woad (I'm assuming the blue is Woad?) should be lighter in colour, and the patterns should be altered to give them a thinner, slighter look.  Other than that, good work! :grin:


Good iniciative, bloc. I'm assuming you've textured those in photoshop; it's a tricky application to work with. Experiment with overlaying, filtering, and some subtle dodge and burn and you'll be on the right track. There's no way you can do anything in a rush there, though. Take your time and you'll keep getting better at it.


I think that big axe looks pretty unrealistic... I think the handle is too narrow. In the real world it would broke from the middle because  of the weight of blade:???:


Just noticed the newer screenshots - I think you're forgeting that those things are supposed to be paint, not tattoos (or at least i think so).
The color borders shouldn't be so sharp. And from what i know, having facial paint in your eyes is rather painful... :razz: (Ie. keep a smudged clearing from the skin tone to the paint near the eyes).
Maybe it's a stupid suggestions, but try to put paint (a eraseable one) on your face for a check or something :wink: Or at least play with and eye liner on you skin to see how it works.

Hope it helps :wink:
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