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One thing that really bugs me about this game is how little say our ruling clan has over who gets what castle/settlement. I like to hand out settlements and castles to clans that fit the culture of that region. But that is impossible to do on this game because once you have 2 or 3 clans in your kingdom (aside from your own) your ruling clan is no longer a option for claiming territory.

I like to reward my companions for their hard work and loyalty. I like founding my own kingdom and granting them tiles over land that fits their culture. That Saddly is almost immobile to do because my clan is rarely include in the votes. It would be good if the rulers clan was a option in every vote, especially since your companions clans start at level 2 and take forever to level up and marry. It would be nice if you gave the player more say over distribution of land and titles. We are supposed to be rulers uniting an empire at the end of the day. So allowing us to have the option to claim any land captured by our faction should be an option (like it was in the medieval period, land was captured by the Catholic Church and distributed as they saw fit).
Yeah this has been a common complaint for a long time. The work around I use is to use up ALL of my fiefs making clans from wanderers, then USUALLY I will always be on the ballot because I posses no fief. The downside would be you own no fiefs, but I find it doesn't really matter as you get so much more money from battle that tax money is trivial anyways. Even storing prisoners has been compromised so it's better to just keep them in your party forever. Fiefs really don't have any use other then giving them to new clans. I wish they would add another option for ruler styles, but at this point it seems unlikely.
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