Jómsvíkingar [Víkingar based Warband]

favorite faction ? (just for fun)

  • Vikingar

    Votes: 39 62.9%
  • Goidil

    Votes: 4 6.5%
  • Engle

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Rus

    Votes: 9 14.5%
  • Normanz

    Votes: 9 14.5%

  • Total voters

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hello, i would like to say that is a pleasure to have brothers like you in the shieldwall at my side


Steam ID: Le Roux
Jómsvíkingar Updates 11.09.12

* Jómsvíkingar 1 year anniversary, thats rigth! one year since me And Sigvaldi decided too start a Vikingr clan, the sucsess!

* Welcome the New Memeber Skallagrim Hes steam

* Ragnarr is now a Hersir, he can recruit and moderate ETC hes steam

* most of our members have returned from holidays ETC and are ready too fight (feel free too challenge us)


happy birthday Jómsvíkingar!
- Úlfr

okay lets be more active on our Teamspeak 3 channel

lets try too get too know eachother better and play random games aswell as vikingr and basiclly have a fun time.

and if you have some freinds that might want too join tell them too join the Teamspeak and get me on there aswell

- Hersir Úlfr
I have a new PC, Im back into the fray my bravest of brave brawlers!  :mrgreen:
fellow warriors we will do a new attempt too restablish the clan and get us all back together.

we lost our Teamspeak channel and its important, more changes will come soon this week
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