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Posted by Hrotha Fyrninga:


The new Víkingr event has been announced, so if you guys are interested you can start asking your mates and putting together a roster.

As for your faction-specific names for the thread, if you play as Engle the name I coined for Maldon would work: Dícsæte (clan tag, in case you'd like to use it in-game: Dícsætna). If you play as Normant, a good equivalent of 'Jómsvíkingar' would be Gent de Clatburg, where 'Clatburg' is a fictional placename modelled after Jómsburg: Clat- is from Celtic *klâdo-, "ditch", plus -burg, just like Jómsborg is from Pomeranian jǫma "ditch" + -borg.


Now what faction shall it be? Decide in this poll!
Michael Corleone said:
There are many things my father taught me here in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

Depending on how many of you Jomseaneans show up, you might end up fighting on both sides anyways. At least you'd have one foot in the winning camp for sure then... :wink:
Leifr Eiríksson said:
You guys should play Rome at War too, it's very popular.

We used to do that, and we actually enjoyed it. The problem is the timing of the shieldwall event there, because than we mostly have an Event already. But I guess I should really get up my ass and motivate some people for that again, the mod actually deserved more attention.
Cool! You should talk to Thorkell a lot about it, he's involved with the organising of it all I believe and would definitely love to help you out.
Can i still rejoin? I feel like i should not have left the clan, i was pretty rude  :facepalm: ....
The thing is that I want to join an active clan, and my current clan is dead...
I regret what i did.
I hope you give me a second chance.
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