WFaS Other Is there a limited-scope mod out there that lets you carve out a proper independent Kingdom?

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Hey, guys. Has anyone ever made a mod that allows you to go from Rebel to King, and have your own vassals, and just that? I'm not interested in a mod that ads a whole lot of "new cool stuff", with sweeping changes and a bazillion new bugs. I am happy with the vanilla game, still learning it, and I haven't come close to exhausting my enjoyment with it. I just wanna be King without going through the silly storylines.

(I imagine readers of the Deluge novel will appreciate if, instead of supporting the claim of a Radzivill, I will choose to become king Pieglasiewicz from Psia Wolka :wink: ).

In particular, I'd love to get the source, so I can merge it with my own bunch of little tweaks and complete my own little unambitious homebrew. I realize this is a long shot, but it shouldn't hurt to at least ask. So, any chance?


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As Eärendil Ardamírë put it, everything is in WFaS section of released mods. I recall a few enhancement projects aimed to improve the game, vastly expanding the gameplay (one's own kingdom included). I deem WFaS an awful "game" which has been overshadowed, surpassed in popularity and outperformed by many non-commercial mods for M&B franchise, be it in scripts, innovations, quality of assets or else. That being said, for better entertainment, one should seek solutions to the title's problems themselves, as I advise to do so. Alternatively, you may add some changes by modding WFaS yourself.

I also recommend you to visit this topic of mine ( to become acquainted with WFaS's difficulty options, so that you may know what to expect before starting a new game. I do not want you to waste time on this bad standalone (sic!) "game", therefore reading the thread linked above may save you time. A brief review of and mentions of possible improvements to WFaS are appended to it.
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