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tlgklz said:
Think like you are in a pub. You have your vodka bottle and talking about nothing. So as long as you talk simple, you can talk about anything in here. As long as you don't start a pub fight (like "YOU DEFEND ABDULHAMIT, YOU Sc**ndrel") you can talk about anything. Still in my opinion none of you has that English level, to talk about religion or politics.

So let's stay simple ha? Like what are your thoughts about summer, next month plans, about your investments or investment plans like there are altcoins you can invest... I searched it a lot but still can not afford that and can not get that courage to invest.
This is pretty much it. You may talk about whatever you want, provided what you talk about is in accordance with the forum rules. But don't take it too far and turn the topic into yet another den of convoluted debate.