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Attention, please!
New version Knights The Last Battle v.2 is standalone, and must be directly put in Modules directory of Warband.
Don't try to install  Knights The Last Battle v.2 over  Knights The Last Battle v.1, it's not a patch.

It's strong necessary that Warband must have 1.132 patch. Otherwise it will work not correctly.


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I already have installed Diplomacy mod, if I install this, will he appear in combo box where I choose between Native, Diplomacy? what about save games?


Yes, saves are placed in them own folder M...Warband savegames/Knights the last battle 2.
I have not yet Diplomacy, but in combo may choose between Native, Polished Landscapes, Knights the last battle 2, Knights the last battle.
All of these mods are placed in Modules directory of Warband in my computer.
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