Improve Companion Leveling Interface

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This has bothered me a long time... When a companion (or more likely, family member) who has a high level finally levels up, I often find that adding an emphasis to a skill that is showing no green wiggle room adds NOTHING to the top achievable value. Then I have to cancel out, which means I start over, including any other companions with perks or levels that cycle. And, it resets the flag on the Character icon in lower left, so if you don't take care of things right then, you have no reminder. And then it may happen on the next skill you try, too!

The fix would be simple, if the devs would implement it: Offer a button to undo an emphasis point just added to that character. That way, you can trial out the addition and fix it if it doesn't move the needle. Do the same for points added to the horizontal rows (I don't remember what they're called).
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